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It has been approximately 53 days since I came back from my Philippine Trip…and interestingly enough, I don’t remember specific details anymore, much of it are all just a blur now…being there for only 9 days! So, here are a few things that still stand out in my noggin:

The Flight to the Philippines – Holy Moley!!!!!!! The LONGESSSSSSSSSSSST flight of my life! 18 hours total (including my stop over)!!!!! Needless to say, I was a wreck by the time I landed in the Philippines …and oh soooo glad about terra firma! I still don’t get how people can stay calm on flights? I flew alone this time, and boy, was I anxious most of that flight time. And oh, there was a person that was seated on my seat when I boarded, what the heck? Yes, I listened to my Ipod, watched the same in-flight movie over and over again, didn’t read my book because I was preoccupied on people watching instead, and I probably slept a total of 5 hours the whole time! I do have to mention that the flight itself was smooth and almost turbulence free.

The Weather – I distinctly remember the weather to be hot, hot, hot, and humid…but to my surprise, it was humid, but no so hot. Here I was thinking that I was going to get some color, but lo and behold, it was overcast the whole time I was there. Even the nights were cool and at the beach, windy.

The Wedding – It was held in Paoay Church ( St. Augustine Church in Ilocos Norte) that was built in 1694 commissioned by the Augustinian friars. It is now included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. The wedding ceremony was beautiful! The reception was held in the expansive terrace and beautiful garden with a magnificent view of the Paoay Lake of the Malacanang of the North, which was the White House of the Marcos Family in Northern Luzon .

The Reunion – The second reason for this journey was for a sibling reunion.  I haven’t seen two of my brothers for 10 yrs!! They’ve changed a lot, physically and emotionally, as have I. This was the perfect time and phases in our lives to see and spend time with each other as a complete family.

The Tourist – Wow, mosquitoes as soon as I wake up in the morning…enough said! I didn’t have a tour of the malls this time, though I did spend a day and a half looking for brown bridesmaid shoes! Well, I thought that it’d be easy to find there than here, but guess what? they don’t seem to believe in the color brown, just bronze. They’ve got Krispy Kremes! Everything comes in travel size. Loved the food - soda in a plastic bag (yes, I made an exception since I don’t drink soda), dirty ice cream, Taho, Pugo, fresh Buko Pie, fresh Espasol, Chicken Letchon, Yema, and realized that I’m not big on Ilocano food.

4 meals a day!!! Missed my hair-straightener. Didn’t miss the blow dryer, hahahahaha. Damn, didn’t get a tan!!! Traffic was OK (say what?). I want a chain of Figaro’s in the US . Tried to meet with TB Manila, but couldn’t. Roadtrips, really bumpy ones. Didn’t follow the itinerary created, it was all made on the fly. No running hot water, felt like a camping trip.

The Flight back Home – It was a comedy of errors…just as I had psyched myself for another 18 hours of travel. First, there was yet again a person that was seated on my seat when I boarded, what the heck? Then, I was detained for a good 20 minutes passing through security check from Hong Kong into the US because of my Epipen (needle for allergy).

They were asking for the prescription, rightfully so, but I didn’t bring it because I have never been asked for it before, right?!?! Then, I decided to go window shopping at that airport, causing me to almost miss my flight! I decided that I was going to get through halfway of my book, but oh! my light wasn’t working. My TV went on the fritz halfway through the flight. And my Ipod’s battery went red half way through that flight as well. On the upside, it was only 12 hours flight time coming home and air pockets were at a minimal. From Feb 8-21, I took 8 plane rides!!!!! (that includes the mini excursion to Whistler, Canada – that weekend alone was full of surprises and lots of activities cramped in a day and a half). Sure glad to be home. Because of the amount of travel, anxiety, sheer boredom and unproductive experience of most of those flights, I’m tired of traveling…yikes!      

vulindlela says:
Wow, gorgeous photos!
What a beautiful wedding!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
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