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stand: Juan,Stephan,Nicole,Matt sit:Brent,Akira what a great pic

I met Matthew in Antigua Guatemala, on saturday at central park, we got together in front of the "sirenas" fountain, at Antigua's cathedral, i met him, and his friends from his spanish school in Xela, it was Brent, Nicole, Akira and Stephan, we walked a few blocks from the park to the hotel, and we agree on meeting at 2.00 pm at his hotel, because there we would take the bus tour to Pacaya Volcano in Escuintla, the one active volcano near antigua, located at the department of Escuintla, travel time approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I sat next to Brent, Matt's friend from Spanish school, also another great guy, from the group, very fun, entertaining, welcoming new friend,we talked almost all the way there, with everyone actually, matt was at the back seat, next to Stephan, and Nicole, in the front was me next to Brent and Akira.

hiking group to Pacaya.

Matt is genuuine in all what he does, the way up to the volcano, was less hard and tired, having a good company of a great person, we talked a bit, enjoy pictures, comments, laughs and impressions, with everyone in our group, as we were reaching the peak of the volcano, the impression, the chance of being next to live lava, the picture taken, the heat that sorrounds the area, the adrenaline rush that you feel, caught our attention, pictures taken everywhere, group pics, lava pics, all that we can do and take, Unfortunatelly for me, happy ended while i was takin pictures of the site, one meter away from the lava flow, i accidentally fall down, hurting my right knee, scratches all over my hands and fingers, ohh i also broke my camera, hehe, its still working though, i just remember the first one getting there, was Matt, he was very concern about my well being, then came Nicole and Brent, soon i had more people next to me, helping clean the wounds, giving me water, brent giving some medicine and bandage, Nicole's worry face, while i was being cleanned with alcohol, had me more worried, all i kept saying was thank God it happen to me, and not to someone else, at least not to my new friends, i also felt bad because right after it happen i had to go from there, they all came behind me, i told them no, stay, take more pictures, enjoy that you are up here, but Brent, Nicole, Akira, Matt, Stephan and Eric, where next to me all the time.

all prove me, that no matter what, friend's will always be there.



Joeri_M says:
Great blog :)
Posted on: Nov 30, 2008
Vikram says:
Lovely blog as usual!
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
sybil says:
sounds like fun!
Posted on: Apr 15, 2008
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stand: Juan,Stephan,Nicole,Matt
stand: Juan,Stephan,Nicole,Matt …
hiking group to Pacaya.
hiking group to Pacaya.
our way up to the volcano.
our way up to the volcano.
Nicole, Matt and Juan.
Nicole, Matt and Juan.
riding the TUK-TUK back from the H…
riding the TUK-TUK back from the …
58 km (36 miles) traveled
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