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Rachel and her pie
After a reasonably good sleep, Rachel and I got up around 8 (early for her, late for me). We wanted to head into Kuranda for a quick look around the markets before getting ready for the wedding in the afternoon.

We'd brought two cocktails back from the bar to our villa last night, a rather toxic mojito for me and some banana-y, creamy thing for Rachel. We didn't finish them and, when I tipped them out into the sink, I discovered a few unexpected visitors - in the shape of two large cockroaches who'd committed hari kiri in the remains of Rachel's cocktail. She freaked and started thinking about them being in her drink when she'd drunk it and I had to remind her that she surely would've noticed two large (about 1.5") cockroaches landing in her drink and, even if she hadn't, her habit of constantly stirring her drinks with the straw would've revealed them anyway.

Needless to say, neither of us was particularly in the mood for breakfast so we simply got dressed and headed into the village.

The Kuranda Heritage Market was a bit of a let down. It was partly because it was so touristy (much like the rest of Kuranda, really) and also because there wasn't really much there. A lot of the jewellery, clothes, etc. you could buy cheaper in Cairns. Some of the holistic remedies and gourmet foodstuffs weren't too bad, but not exactly easy packing for taking home! I did buy some honey for my mum (which conveniently came in plastic, rather than glass, jars) and handmade old-fashioned hard candy for my dad.

We stopped at Annabel's Pantry for some lunch before heading back to the resort to get ready for the wedding. One of Rachel's favourite things to eat is meat pies and, since I hadn't had one in a long time, I agreed. The pies are made fresh on the premises all day and they were delicious but quite pricey at $4.50 a pie! Although, I suppose you have to expect that for 'gourmet' pies. I've always found that term to be somewhat oxymoronic.
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Rachel and her pie
Rachel and her pie
photo by: canuck_downunder05