Scotland 2005

 By euphemy

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The Summary

April 14 my friend Suzi & I left for an overnight flight to Scotland for a month in the Highlands and a few islands. We rented a car and Suzi drove while I was the map reader. We saw many castles, (ruined and inhabited) beautiful scenery and met some genuinely nice people.

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April 14th, 2005Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
April 15th, 2005Aberdeen, Scotland
April 16th, 2005Stonehaven, Scotland
April 17th, 2005Braemar, Scotland
April 18th, 2005Alford, Scotland
April 19th, 2005Inverurie, Scotland
April 20th, 2005Newburgh, Scotland
April 21st, 2005Banff, Scotland
April 22nd, 2005Banff, Scotland
April 23rd, 2005Elgin, Scotland
April 24th, 2005Inverness, Scotland
April 25th, 2005Inverness, Scotland
April 26th, 2005Inverness, Scotland
April 27th, 2005Inverness, Scotland
April 28th, 2005Aviemore, Scotland
April 29th, 2005Aviemore, Scotland
April 30th, 2005Newtonmore, Scotland
May 1st, 2005Glen Coe, Scotland
May 2nd, 2005Glen Coe, Scotland
May 3rd, 2005Strontian, Scotland
May 4th, 2005Isle Of Skye, Scotland
May 5th, 2005Isle Of Skye, Scotland
May 6th, 2005Aultbea, Scotland
May 7th, 2005Lochinver, Scotland
May 8th, 2005Durness, Scotland
May 9th, 2005Thurso, Scotland
May 10th, 2005Thurso, Scotland
May 11th, 2005Kirkwall, Scotland
May 12th, 2005Kirkwall, Scotland
May 13th, 2005Dingwall, Scotland
May 14th, 2005Cullen, Scotland
May 15th, 2005Aberdeen, Scotland