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Mom and I ventured out into Sao Paulo proper.  We left Alphaville around 9:30am and rush hour was not quite over.  We are bumper to bumper, driving down the road with four lanes across.  Four lanes, translated from Portuguese to English means four separate lines painted on the road, with seven to eight cars wide going down those four lanes.  If you want to pass someone, you just politely toot your horn twice.  Unless of course you are a bus.  If you are bus, you go anywhere anytime however you want.  You even can go around the “round-a-bouts” without bothering to worry about who has the right a way – I think it has something to do with the relative size law.   On the freeway, I saw a couple of “new” things for me.  I saw a very talented gentleman training to the Tour de France – and he was riding on the side of the freeway.  Yes, he was making great time – but riding your bicycle, in full gear, on the side of a freeway seems like a great way to have a very short career.  Second “special” of the day was a pedestrian in the middle of lane 3 of 6 on the freeway, selling his wares as people were stopped on the freeway.  It would have perhaps been acceptable, if the dried meat he had was appealing, but since that isn’t a taste I’ve acquired, and we were going about 30km when he stepped in front of mom, I was a bit worried.  Not that she wouldn’t stop, but that we might have to buy the meat. Our shopping highlights consisted of the rock shop, in Morumbi and then to a local mall. The rock store, while exciting (that’s for mom’s benefit! ;-) ) it wasn’t my favorite stop for the day.  My mom introduced me to Walter and Bridgett at the Jem Store.  They own a jewelry store in the mall.  When we told Mari that we were going to the mall, she said we were going to the sheiky place.  She was right.  I found a nice white jacket (demin) for 460 Reales….on sale.  Yes, for those that are exactly sure what the exchange rate, that is over $200 on sale.  It was a nice mall.  Did I say nice?   I hemmed and hawed over jewelry.  For those of you that don’t know – the only jewelry I’ve ever owned have been gifts.  My mother’s hobby of acquiring jewelry was passed to my sister, Julie.  Since Julie couldn’t join me, I can say that she willed her spirit here for me today.  Mom did a good job tutoring me.  I purchased a pair of earrings and necklace.  They are silver drops, with a brown tear drop stone.  They move beautifully, and I feel very “Sheik” wearing them. ;-) And for those that thought that I bought the $200 jacket, you can release the anxiety…I found a decent substitute at C&A at the end of the mall.  It is about $20USD, and I’ll wear it with fond memories of today!

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Sao Paulo
photo by: joesu