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"Honor thy Mother and Father" a commandment of the Lord! How many people sincerely know what honoring your parent’s mean? Does it mean quite simply being respectful? Calling each by their respectful titles? Calling or sending them cards during the holidays? My dearest Jerry never understood why I sent home money each pay cheque. He did not understand why I felt the need to educate my brothers and sister? Why each time my family called I was obligated to help financially. Well, all that was to honor the "World’s Greatest Mom".

In honor of this great woman, my eldest sister Beatrice, contacted the architect who worked on the plans for her house to have some plans laid down for my Mom’s dream house. While in England, she saved up some money and paid for the architectural plans, contacted a contractor (same engineer that built hers) and got some prices down for the house.

Through communication between her and her siblings, me included we agreed to build a home that is befitting of our BIG family. So now, we are in the process of building Mom’s dream home, a three-story house partitioned into six apartments that she can decide to rent out if she wants. She has three children living abroad, me included. If I decide to go home, I would have an apartment to myself, so I’m vigorously supporting the construction both financially and morally. With the three children currently living abroad, I guess you can say we are homeless, heheeee. It is costing a fortune and will take a few years to complete. But the foundation and ground floor is all done, my sister Beatrice is working tirelessly to cover the second floor - we are so lucky to have her take care of the details.
My brother Arnold, sister Beatrice and my niece and nephew. My daughter took the pic

So we went to see the progress when I was home in June. I can not put into words the nostalgia with which I marveled at what I saw. You must understand that Kampala (Uganda) in general is an extremely expensive city: putting together a house of such magnitude is like asking for a tooth and leg, Kudos to Mum and Beatrice. My brothers are very encouraging keeping Mum as excited about her baby (house) as she could ever be. She was very excited just talking about how far they had come. Arnold and Jimmy are really stepping up to their positions as the bigger brothers at home.

To understand how expensive it is to build, one must take into account the style of building. Unlike in the American society where houses are built using board (dry wall) and wood, in my country every house is built of brick, concrete and steel beams for durability.

Cornerstones have been replaced with huge steel beams and concrete. Additional floor mean pouring huge slaps which include a mixture of concrete, sand and rocks to hold the second, third or fourth floor. The pouring of slap is the backbreaking bit of it all because one uses large amounts of cement. A bag of cement costs two thousand five hundred shillings, which is a little over $16 a bag.

But like my sister always says, 'Aluta continua', the struggle continues. We will be victors at the end. Mother is a soul like God does not make anymore. How else can we, honor her, but to give her back the shelter she always provided for us?

Kudos Mum!

Africancrab says:
It is a great project Christian, thanks for the encouragement :)
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
Chokk says:
Keep on going - sound like a fantastic family project. Love it.
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
row-zzzzz says:
You truly have the opportunity to return your love and thankfulness ... I can do that to my mother-in-law who isn't well off, sending her money or paying for a plane ticket etc., helping her one yr for her summer camp groud she loves, but my mom if I was to do what you do, she'd be insulted/offended ... only letters/flowers/coffee/buying her supper etc ... they are so so different. One (me) can only do what a mother accepts willingly without thinking there are any pretenses ... You're very lucky to have this awesome opportunity Harriet ... Western Society 'family' and closeness has disappeared somewhat :( hold on to what you have :)
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
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My brother Arnold, sister Beatrice…
My brother Arnold, sister Beatric…
This is how afr they have come in …
This is how afr they have come in…
photo by: Africancrab