8 hours in JFK with No where to go

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Missing one's flight after a delayed arrival from another is one thing. Missing one's flight after a delayed arrival from the previous flight, and no luggage is something else.  BUT missing one's flight  due to a delayed arrival from a previous destination, lost luggage, nowhere to go and nothing to do for 8 hours  in one of the world’s busiest airports? Well that is called “Travel Experience”. If you have ever experienced that, you know what I'm talking about. This was a first for me and the pain was real, if I could have cried from the pain I would, shame kept me from doing so. This one was tough, tougher than I thought. I guess the years had been kind up until this moment: my travel angels had always protected me from such mishaps. This time it was clear to see how patience plays on ones nerves, I will be the first to admit that patience is not oone of my virtues, certainly an area of opportunity in my life.


With 8 hours to spare, I thought of ways to pass them.I had asked around at the informations desk and talked to a few taxi drivers outside of the arrival's about going into the city to pass time seeing as I had so much of it to spare today. They all said it would take atleast 2 hours getting through the trafic and 2 hours t0 return, it was not worth the troubles if I have a flight to catch in 8 hours. It would have been a lot more fun going to the park to people watch or do something. People watching at the airport was nolonger fun as I had done enough of it after about an hour: I could almost hear the words that are about to come out of a person whose luggage did not arrive or one who thinks another is not moving too fast because they have to run to their departure gate etc, etc, etc. The faces of te travelers told so many stories, I wondered if mine told of the frustrations I felt.


I promised the next time, I will have a plan B and even a plan C for each stop I make just in case the series of unfortunate events choose to re-occur. When all is said and done however, I had more positives than negatives on this whole trip. I could not have asked for more, and would not change this experience for any other.

"The joys of traveling" !



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