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New York and its numerous yellow cabs
I have arrived around 4 pm, exausted. So without much thought I took a cab to my hostel. Darn, 45 dollars for a ride :( I was a bit surprised that I was not nervous at all. The thing is, this was my first trip all by myself. And not only was I traveling across 'the big water' ;) but also to stay in US for 3 months. So you understand that I was pleasantly surprised how at ease I felt traveling all on my own.

The hostel turned out to be very nice and the people there were very friendly. (Beside the fact that the first thing the guy at reception told me upon seeing my nationality was that Poland just lost earlier that day to Germany {I think it was Germany that we played that day...} in the World Cup. Darn...) I started chatting with one of the guys that I shared the room with and soon found myself talking about all the subjects that we could think about.
Times Square, makes poor tourist very confused - too many flashing signs ;)
He invited me to show me around New York if I had any strenght left, since he knew the place rather well, having visited it often for various medical conferences. My new friend turned out to be a Portugal doctor who have studied partly in States.

I knew I had only half of this day and the whole next day to see New York and I was abit anxious if it would be possible to see all the major tourist places in such a short time. Especially since I didn't know much about what really is worth seeing in the city. So finding such a nice guide was a great relief. Took me to a bar and bought me a drink too ;)

We compared our impressions of New York, pointed out some cultural differences that we could see from a European point of view. Our view of the Big Apple was surprisingly similar. The size of the city is overwhelming. You can feel the fast pace of the city, from the poeple rushing by you on the streets (sooo many pedestrains) to the cabs honking at each other (those typical yellow cabs! plenty of them!). Times Square in the eveing and early night was quite spectacular with all it's lights and billboards. My hostel was quite close to it actually so we could just slowly walk around that area and chat about the city and its attractions.

One of the things that shocked me was quite how strict the guys guarding the entrances to bars and clubs were. Additionally I don't think I have ever seen anywhere guards checking clients ID's at the entrance to a bar - a bar with a patio. :O Turnes out they're very strict about it here. I barely managed to enter on my Polish ID (I should have taken my passport with me).
We finished the stroll rather late and my friend offered to take the role of my guide the next day as well :) I'm a lucky girl.
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New York and its numerous yellow c…
New York and its numerous yellow …
Times Square, makes poor tourist v…
Times Square, makes poor tourist …
New York
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