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The Strafford Wawa
From the 17th of June to the 14th of August I've been working for Wawa in the store in Strafford. 5 minutes from home on foot- not so bad.

It got very very boring in all those weeks. Every little chore I've got to know by heart and I managed to last there so long only because I had great people to talk to, both my coworkers and some of the customers, that visited us almost daily.

I have to say that Americans are very nice and friendly, but often it is a facade. It is a bit artificial but maybe it is better than seeing grumpy faces and hearing complains as a form of greeting in other countries (such as mine for example).

Another thing is, Americans do tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food, and in really big quantities.
Road from work to our house
I get the feeling there aren't many people that really cook for themselves, and I don't mean heating ready made dishes but cooking from scratch.

People are more sure of themselves and believe that they have vast possibilities to chose for their future. While in the countries such as Poland people sometimes think they are doomed from the start, that their ideas (for example of creating a company) don't mean anything because they won’t be able to put them into work anyway. Maybe such a negative way of thinking is understandable after you look at our history and current government, market. Ideas might be good, but basing on them your future not so much when you can loose your money so easily here because of the stupid laws and government. The risk is higher here. And that's a sad thing because it strips us of that possibility of really believing in ourselves and that we can do anything with our futures.
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The Strafford Wawa
The Strafford Wawa
Road from work to our house
Road from work to our house
Even during a day off we tended to…
Even during a day off we tended t…
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