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As I wrote before I knew I would be coming back to New York, sooner or later. It turned out to be sooner though. I was supposed to be coming back to Poland on the 30th of September. But then I received a message from my school that I haven't passed all of my exams. One of them, of which I was sure I have passed, I indeed have failed. In that case I had to change my schedule and come back to Poland on the 4th or 5th of September at the latest. Which meant I didn't get as much time as I hope I would for traveling.

Therefore I quit my job earlier then I was supposed to by two weeks. The 14th of August was my last day at work and the next day I headed to New York, to visit the city once again, this time with one of my roommates. While she would be coming back to Devon, I were to stay the night in New York (in a completely different hostel than previously) and flight from there the next morning at the ungodly hour of 5 or 6 AM to Los Angeles.

Me and Ania have arrived to Philadelphia first. There we located a bus station, a Chinatown bus station from where Chinatown buses - cheaper than the Greyhound, were leaving to New York. 12$ one way, while Greyhound was 21$. Of course the ride was much less comfortable, there was this annoying smell in the bus but beside that it was OK. Even more, we arrived faster then the Greyhound bus would - less stops.

New York overwhelmed my friend completely, and this time it was me who played the role of the guide. I must say that I've became much more used to being in charge compared to myself two moths earlier. Beside my friend wasn't one to check and make plans beforehand more relying on others. I used to be that way on my previous journeys too, I must confess. One of my friends always took charge and I never had a problem with that, being rather happy not to have to think about any preparations.

Firs things to see on our list were Chinatown and the financial district. The bus dropped us off at Chinatown so from there we walked to the financial district. Getting just the slightest bit lost ;) lol, the streets in Chinatown do not have those typical numbers for names... and so I had to check my map pretty often. But turned out we were going in the right direction anyway ;)

We walked by the Brooklyn Bridge, then to the site were the World Trade Center was. It was a sad part of our trip. There are so many depressing pictures there. Of people that came straight from the ruins, covered in dust and crying, of the building falling down and other such sights.

Next we went towards the port, from where the ships to Staten Island were leaving. We decided go for the cheapest option of the trip to the Statue of Liberty. The ferry was free but we would not stop on the Ellis Island - near the Statue of Liberty, but go to Staten Island. But that was OK for us, since we still were getting pretty close to the Statue and able to take some nice pictures. We had to disembark from the ferry and embark it again on the Island.

After coming back to Manhattan we took the metro/subway to Penn Station from were we went to Empire State Building, and then towards the Times Square. There we've spent the longest time taking pictures and finally walked Broadway North, towards the Central Park. Our feet were killing us but we walked on. After the park we marched South all the way to Port Authority Bus Terminal, were Ania bought here ticket and barely caught her bus.

I was once again alone in New York, after 2 months of spending time almost all of my time with one of the girls, my roommates. It was a weird feeling at first. I had the feeling that Ania was somewhere close near buy, and I was almost expecting to hear her say something to me from time to time. I took the metro to the 106th street, but since I got the wrong one I went all the way up to the 133rd street and had to take the metro down again. Finally from the right station I had a couple block to walk before I found my hostel.

I was anxious to use the internet there, since I was supposed to communicate with a guy that was picking me from the airport the next day in L.A. But unfortunately the internet seemed not to work, something was wrong. The guy working there said they were trying to fix it but it would take 30 minutes up to an hour. So I went to unpack a bit, refresh, and came down again to check the status. Still not working. I went up to shower. Waited a bit more and then left for another quick pick I n the computer room. I've spent there at least 30 minutes, maybe more, just sitting and waiting and finally the guy was able t o fix it. And to my surprise he called me to be the first one to use the internet (since at first only one computer worked, before he fixed them all) since he remembered I waited the longest. Plus I didn't have to pay for it :) Sweet.

I contacted my new friend from L.A and printed the tickets for my flight next day. I went to sleep painfully aware that I would be waking up around 3AM to get up for my early morning flight. But hoping also that I'd be able to get some sleep on the plane :)
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New York
photo by: herman_munster