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Wawa - the place were I was about to spend the next two months working

All the things I didn't get to see in New York (and were on my list of things 'to see') I was positive I would be able to see on my way back in three months time, since I was supposed to be flying to Poland from New York airport. I went to sleep feeling anxious about the next day - my first day at work. And I still didn't know were exactly I would be working or living. The meeting was supposed to take place at 9 at the King of Prussia Greyhound bus stop. Therefore I had to wake up around 5:30 to properly wake up, shower, pack and get to the Port Authority around 6 - 6:30.

I managed to get lost a bit, despite the really practical and comprehensive system of naming the streets of New York. I mean how hard is it to find your way around the streets that are numbered (both streets and avenues)? Yet I did get lost. I walked around the block maybe twice to make sure which way the numbers were going up and finally set out in the direction of Port Authority. On my way I got 'harassed' by a guy in a car that just had to know why I was hurrying up so much (he kept driving next to me and telling me to slow down until I turned into a street that he could not turn into, what a relief- he was making me nervous). When I finally got to my bus my arm that was dragging the suitcase was hurting like hell, my face was red from nerves and hurrying up so much. But I had just enough time to calmly find my gate and get my luggage marked. Only the guy attaching the luggage info to the bags didn't ask me where I was going. That was a bit suspicious, unless he was a mind reader. Thinking that he might have thought I was with the group that was standing before me and have written the same destination as theirs. But before I could make sure and ask him about it he closed the office... So I let the driver know that my baggage was labeled wrong,  to which he grumbled grunted asked me why I did such a stupid thing (OK, maybe not those words precisely, but that was the essence) and changed the label. I exhaled in relief and got on the bus.

Two hours later I was in King of Prussia and it looked .... deserted, empty? yup. There were 4 more girls there and I had a suspicion that they might have been there for the very same reason I was. After a bit of waiting, just enough to get us all nervous finally a car stopped on the parking and Paul, the guy we were all waiting for stepped out and waved to us.

We were all introduced, asked the standard questions where we were from , why we came to States, why we chose this program (Work & Travel Program) and how our journey so far was. Then came the long and tiring meeting/ introduction to the way of the company/ integration/ filing the papers after which we were given a lift to our new houses. The meeting consisted of funny videos - which were not supposed to be funny, but still were, about harassment, the ideology of the company etc as well as proper procedures handling the food. We got some food and drinks for free (my first wraps from Wawa - makes my all sentimental to think about it now ;) ) and temporary Social Security Numbers.

Decision was made, I would work in the store 291 in Devon (which later turned out to be a store in Strafford actually ;), but, yeah lived in Devon). My flat mates were already working, one of them in my store, two others in the store near by - 20 minutes on foot from our house. All of them were girls and also fro Poland, which was a bit of a disappointment because I hoped I would be able to practice my English a bit more. Still it did facilitate the communication with my flat mates.

Next we went to my new store, to meet my new boss- John and one of my flat mates, Anna- who turned out not to speak very well English, almost none at all. The store looked kind of dirtier then the one we had the big meeting at.... I realized later that the meeting took place in one of the best stores, the cleanest and nicest - definitely made a nice first impression ;)

Then I was dropped off at my new house, a nice apartment building, where I was left to wait for the other girls. Anna came first and we got to know each other a bit. She was glad to have someone in the same store as her who could communicate with her and help her communicate with others. Not long afterwards the other two came. Three Annas and one Jutstyna, not bad ;) Sometimes I really feel that my parents didn't do the best job in  naming me ;)

And since it's a travel journal that'll be all. I'm not going to go into detail about the people at work or what exactly I had to do as a part of my job. I worked for Wawa and that's all I'm going to say ;)

anoolka says:
@athewinn, the King of Prussia Mall is scary. lol. How can anyone not get lost there? ;)
Posted on: Sep 17, 2006
Amanda says:
How funny you are in King of Prussia; I used to live around there, and when I was a little girl I fell down the steps in the King of Prussia Mall and got a concussion. Ha!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2006
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Wawa - the place were I was about …
Wawa - the place were I was about…
King of Prussia
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