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Well I'm not gonna write a lot about my hometown but I need to make it clear from where exactly I depart ;) After all it takes alomst a day (as in 12 hours) to get on the other side of the Atlantic. The journey wouldn't last that long if the flight was non -stop, but unfortunately I needed to change planes in Amsterdam and wait there a couple hours - 3 hours, for my flight to New York.

The general idea of this journey to USA for three months was to test myself and see how would I cope with living more or less on my own and traveling alone, which I've never done before. Since going to US isn't that easy for Polish citizent (we need to get a visa, which is a bit hard to get) so I decided that going with a Work & Travel Program would be the easiest way. Plus I'd get to work legaly there and earn some money for my travels around the North American continent. As you can see I've been more preocupied by the Travel part of the whole journey rather then Work. :) I've looked thru atlases and made plans, checked prices to see what places I could visit while there.

So on the 14th of June I woke up around 4 in the morning to pack some last things, make sure I had everything and stress some more about the great problem that I always have while packing - is it enough, is it too much, should I leave something or pack some more stuff? Since I didn't have much time left I took a cab to the airport; my mum was seeing me off. I've cheked all my documents some more while on the airport - some vibes from my mum must have reached me ;), she's a terribly worrying person. And finally I was on the plane and enjoying my favorite parts of the flight - starting and taking off :)) (I like landing too.)

I got so bored in Amsterdam waiting for my flight that I've started seriously thinking if I should buy anything on the airport - say that orange shirt? ... I do not buy souvenirs from the places that I haven't visited (and airports don't count) :X  But there really wasn't much to do. So I called to chat with my mum. Later on during my time in States I can't say I have been keeping contact with my family that much. Hopefully it will make them think about me more as of an adult than a child - as they still tend to do.

The flight was long and I slept in most unsual positions, though I don't find being curled in a ball on a narrow seat very uncomfortable (I know it's werid but I really don't mind that much). But I did feel tired afterwards. Good thing about flying KLM is that they have little TVs in front of every seat and you can choose what you want to watch from a pretty big library of movies, tv series and documents. I was impressed, since I didn't remember anything as luxurious on my flight to Canada and back 6-7 years before.
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photo by: scarlettwitch