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we got up the morning (as you do) to see a bit more of bangkok. what we didnt realize was that our flight was leaving at 10 o'clock the morning. so we had like two hours to get to the airport, so we didnt see much more of it. anyway. got to bangkok airport and went thru the security check point where they check for any metal objects right? as usual the alarms went off as i walked thru. i had to take off my belt and go thru again. i picked up my bag and totally forgot about my flippin belt. eventually when we got on the plane and we ready and ever so exited to get to vietnam.
the flight was an hour and a half and we flew into danang airport. it is probably one of the smallest airport i've ever been to. there is only two terminals and they are as big as two busses standing next to each other. i found that the vietnamese people where not as friendly as the thai's. the tour guide pick us upand we drove for about an hour hoi an where we would be staying. on the way there we drove past thousands of scooters (mopeds). some had 4 people on others were carring food and there was even one that had a 20 foot ladder stapped on to it. very few people wore helmets so the death toll must be sky high. they dont believe in traffic signs. if i thought this was bad i had a supprise comming, hoi chi mhin city (saigon) has 8 million people and 5 million scooters. but i'll get to that later.
the temprature was in the high thirties and everybody was a bit on the edge. we arrived at our hotel and dear lord was i amazed. it wasnt like the oriental in bangkok but almost as good. we check in an me and my girlfriend was driven to our private villa with a infinaty pool and our own butler. how cool is that. i mean she unpacked our bags for us, did our washing, cleaned the house and got us food from the restuarant when ever we wanted it. that was great. our villa was on the beach, like i mean if you jump out of the pool you will fall in the sand.
it is a great beach palm trees and no people. it is so untouched, the only foot prints on the beach was ours.
we went to hoi ann a few times and i got 3 siuts made for less than £150. one of the suits was a tuks. it is one of the biggest silk producers in the worl and the i mention that it was cheap. my girlfriend saw a dress in a book by one of those famouse disigners and showed them the picture. the made it from silk and cost her a fraction of the price. when you go to hoi ann  you have to walk true the market. it stinkinks. raw fis and chickens that been lying in the sun all day. i almost trew up. but it was well worth doing. we went to a restuarant called the brothers cafe. it is an old french house the has been converted into a restuarant. did food was awsome and the service great. the cafe is on the river so take some anti mozzie stuff. there is no malaria but the bastards still make you itch. every month in hoi ann and probably over the whole vietnam the have the full moon festival and they put candels in the river. the river looks like the milky way. its pretty.
we stayed in hoi ann for a week and a half and then caught a plane to saigon.
more about that next time.
gotto run
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