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now comming back from thailand was a bit of a bugger up cause i wasnt on the same flight as my girlfriend. dont ask me why but according to thai airways i never booked a flight back to london even though i had the bloody e-ticket in my hand. anyway i got on the flight and i always ask for an aisle seat so that i can stretch my legs. sat down and almost falling asleep and this lady starts poking me and telling me to move cause she wanted the ailse seat. iwasnt in the mood to argue and i got up. just keep in mind that she was utterly rude and obnockcious. i made friends with the guy that was sitting at the window seat and he said we cant just just leave it. so we waited till after dinner and started drinking alot. now the more beer we drank the more we had to go to the bathroom, and for us to get there we had to wake this lady up and get her to get up to let us pass. after a while we didnt need to go to the bathroom we just got up and asked her to make some room to let us pass. i tell this girl wanted to kill us and eventually she got the message and asked if she can change seats. mission acomplished!!!we still had another 5 hours to go and after a few more beers i fell asleep with plenty of leg room and a seat between me and the window seat guy.

now if your south african you dont need a visa to go to the uk but you need a pretty good reason. i didnt have any proof of where i was gonna be staying or anything the only thing i had was a easy jet ticket to switserland in a weeks time. so i was shitting bricks when i was getting close to the front of the line at passport control. now if you wanna work for passport control you have to have a certain face. one of those faces that has no expression or shows no have to have hard, cold piercing eyes and you have to have a dislike in people. ok i got to the front of the line and now i was stressing. i diidnt know what to do, shit, cry or throw up. the guy that handled me was a complete a-hole!!! he asked where my girlfriend lives, what she does for a living, how we met, are we engaged and why isnt she with me? bloody hell i thought he's gonna ask our favourite positon next. 5 minutes later that felt like an hour he stamped my passport and said i'm not aloud to work in the country. i didnt want to be in england any longer than i had to. i picked up my bag and caught a cab to my girlfriends house. i must have aged about 50 year in that half an hour before going through passport control.
i got home and changed my easy jet ticket for the next day at 8 o clock in the morning. i dont need a visa for switserland but again you need aproof of where your staying and a ticket out. i bought a ticket out for £20. i didnt want to book a hotel and pay a deposit. its just a waste of cash and i'm runnig out, really quickly.
we got on the plane the next morning and i felt a bit better cause my girlfriend was with me.the flight was fine and there wasnt so many people on the plane. me and my girlfriend went over storie so many times that she was getting anoyed. the storie was we were backpacking and we dont know where we gonna stay, somewhere close to to a ski slope or something. we landed and i was suprise how calm i was and when i got the passport control i worked myself up again. the lady took my pasport and stamped it. she didnt say a word and just waved me through. i was kinda disapointed and relieved. now im in switserland and i still have to get back to france. cannes is about 6 hours away but again if you dont have a visa it takes longer about 3 to 4 hours longer. but it is ok if your driving from switserland cause geneva is only 20 minutes away from the border. so if the shit hits the fan youve only driven 20 minutes and not 9 hours. we were driving and suddenly there was the big borderpost on the road we are travelling on. i pulled out the map and my girlfrieng made a u-turn in the middel of the border post. ppeople were looking at us strangely but they saw the map in my hands and and just rolled theire eyes. they probably thought ''STUPID TOURISTS''. we got onto another road and before we knew it we were in france. just another eight and a half hours to go and we'll be home.

the rest of our journey went well exept that my credit card didnt want to work at on of the toll roads. a angry french man had to run all the way from his office to help us. shame poor him.
we got home and ive never been so relieved in my life.
so im back in france and i got a visa and everything is great.

cheers for now
more stuff to come soon

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