Held up for a few minutes.

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In this shot you might be able to see the missle near the bottom center as it blasted off.

In the morning I was feeling better, and we had a chance to eat a full breakfast at the hotel because they had a restaurant there.  We were allowed any regular meal priced at $4.99 or less, which gave us several options.  I think Judy ordered a glass of orange juice that was not covered.

Have you ever been on a long trip and been held up for some unknown reason?  Sure you have.  Well, today it happened to us.  But this time it was only a few minutes and it was really cool.  We had left Las Cruces and were headed out to Ruidoso Downs and Roswell.  But as we got to the White Sands area there was a total road shutdown.  Of course we could only see the cars and trucks headed north. Probably a hundred or more.  The guys in their orange vests and State Patrol were just lining the vehicles up along the road side and said that due to a missle launch no traffic would be let thru.  We pulled in to our place in line and stopped the car.  A cople of minutes later a lady told us the countdown was at three minutes and pointed to the tower in the distance.  Sure enough, just about three minutes later off went that bird. Fun to watch and completely silent for at least quite some time.  Finally we got some of the sound it made.  I got a short video clip of the take off.


PharmerJones says:
I planned on going to White Sands in March of 2010. Now I'm really looking forward to it!
Posted on: Dec 15, 2009
alyssa_ob says:
Very cool. I checked the website before I drove through and they didn't have anything scheduled. How neat to see that and only be held up a few minutes!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2008
Sweetski says:
If you're gonna be held up, a missile launch is the way to go :)
Posted on: Jun 21, 2008
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In this shot you might be able to …
In this shot you might be able to…
No doubt here. The trail is quite …
No doubt here. The trail is quite…
Launch at White Sands Missle Range
White Sands Missle Range
photo by: X_Drive