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After being on the road as long as we have with very few days where we could just kick back and relax, this morning turned out to be just that. Our hotel serves a nice hot breakfast with fresh made waffles, biscuits and gravy, and even french toast, from 6 a.m. til 10 a.m. but we missed it by more than two hours. Can you believe that? I sure could. I was up around 8, but just couldn’t get anything in gear, so I crashed back into bed and slept til noon. Judy was the same way. In fact, her slowness made mine worse and it was 1:30 before we were ready to leave the hotel. We drove through the main street of Branson trying to find a place that sounded good to eat. That's’ not really correct.

We really didn’t want to eat a place, just the food they served. :) We finally ate a Chalupa at Taco Bell.

Then we spent a few hours souvenir shopping, and checking out a local quilt shop where Judy found a couple patterns she wanted.

I found a baseball style hat with a nice little slogan on the front. It reads "RETIRED, BUT I WORK PART-TIME AS A PAIN IN THE BUTT" I also found a new wallet, and by the time I paid for everything, I didn’t have anything to go in it.

We ate dinner a little early at the Golden Corral to make sure we were early to get into the Mickey Gilley Show. That’s a pretty good steak buffet with lots of choices. Good thing we went when we did because a couple of bus loads of people came in near then end of our meal and had the place jammed.

This particular Golden Corral claims to be the largest one in the world, but they had a hard time getting that many folks in and seated.

The Mickey Gilley Show was well worth waiting the extra day for. We have always liked his voice, song selections, and style. We were not disappointed at all.

But the afternoon and early evening weather was a little worrisome.  It got more windy as the day went by.  But we needed to be at the theater for the show by seven p.m. so we drove in a few minutes early and went inside the lobby. Soon the doors to the theater opened and we went in and found our seat. Just almost dead center in the eleventh row.  Not bad at all.  They had asked when I purchased my tickets if I would rather have these or two on the front row, but to the outside of the aisle.

  I picked the eleventh row center. 

We sat and waited for a short film to start as they had said was supposed to happen.  It never did.  And we could hear rain on the roof of the building, and it was getting heavier and heavier.  Soon a gentleman came out and announced that they were going to switch over to a backup generator in case the storm got worse.  It went dark for a moment and then the generator kicked in.  The light didn't come fully on.  They wavered from bright to dim again and again rapidly, which was not easy to put up with.  And after about ten minutes of this and the rain fianlly deciding to calm down again they switched back to regular power.  The show went on as usual, even if we didn't get to see all of the short movie.  And I will again say that it was well worth it.

Oh, I forgot to mention, a small tornado did touch down somewhere in Branson that evening, but we never heard exactly where or if there was any damage.  I sure hope not.  In our drive through Southern Arkansas we saw damage from a tornado that had been through a week before. Lots of damage there.


travelman727 says:
Roger, great pics! I'm glad you and Judy enjoyed the show :-D
Posted on: May 12, 2008
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