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Yep, it sure did rain lots that day

On waking up Saturday morning I noticed that I still had the 8-bed dorm to myself, yey, no one to fight with for the hot showers. Over breakfast I got chatting with another guest at they mentioned that the Dingle peninsular tour was worth seeing. I was grateful for the feedback, and it confirmed that I should book onto it. I had just finished my breakfast and was about to head down to the toruist centre in town, when another two guests said they were going on the Ring of Kerry tour, so I hooked up with them.

Waiting for the coach to pick us up from outside the hotel, two more people from our hostel joined us two, so there was myself, two people from Taiwan, and a brother and sister from South Africa on the Kerry tour.

I really enjoyed the company of the other guys from the hostel on the tour and hearing their travel plans for seeing other parts of Ireland. The South African brother and sister had just come down from Dublin. They mentioned that the Guinness factory tour and Jameson Brewery tour were really worth a visit, so Danny and Lori, it looks like we may have to check out those places in June.

The coach driver for our tour was really informative and told us loads about the local and national history and explained to us exactly what we are driving past. Shortly into the tour the weather took a turn for the worst, with rain and reduced visibility. At some photo stops we got out the bus for a good few minutes and at other times we stayed in the dry and and just kept going. Lunch was a welcome stop as we had not had a facilities stop for 2 ½ hours.

Dramatic coastline in Kerry

The place where we stopped for lunch had no electricity so they were cooking and serving by candle light. A few tour buses had stopped for lunch at the same place to is was very busy. It was a café serving nice tradition soups and Irish stew, built onto the side of a hill, over looking some of the dramatic coast line.

Back on the bus, we continued our anti-clockwise circuit around the ring of Kerry and arrived back in Killarney at around 4.30pm. When I got back to the hostel I found that more people had arrived in the room I was staying, however I soon had to go out to get some bits and pieces to cook for dinner that evening.

After dinner, I was chatting away with two of other hostel guess from the tour earlier and two guest from Australian also started chatting with us.

At around 9.30pm we decided to head out into the town and we located a pub with some musicians, so we headed right in. Clocks were changing at 2am the following morning so we all decided to adjust our watches there and then just to ensure none of us slept through breakfast. In the pub we just chatted about our different countries and cultures, which was really good.

I headed back to the hostel at around 12.30am to find everyone in our dorm still awake. After another 11/2 hours everyone was asleep. The guy in the bunk above me decided to communicate the fact that we was in deep sleep by snoring heavily all night (there is always one!!).

danny291 says:
haha great blog mike, agh the snoring guy reminds me of Nashville! DROVE ME CRAZY! HAHA
Posted on: May 31, 2008
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Yep, it sure did rain lots that day
Yep, it sure did rain lots that day
Dramatic coastline in Kerry
Dramatic coastline in Kerry
Loch Leane behind me
Loch Leane behind me
Beehive Huts built hundreds of yea…
Beehive Huts built hundreds of ye…
photo by: Paulovic