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do not know what the hell is in that!

So Thailand started off a bit lonely.. didnt have a conversation for like 60 hours.. was starting to kill me!  but then met an nice aussie couple at dinner on the 2nd night.. there in their 40's  but are pretty cool..  went out to Rock City with them after dinner and had a few brews!  And went to Thai boxing with them the next night.  so they've been really nice to me!

Also met two aussie girls staying at my hotel around my age, who are friendly also.. hadn't seen them around much though, but they were at the same party i went to last night with the aussie couple.  so hung out with them all night, which was fun!

Met 3 sisters and a fiancee from Jordan last night in the pool,  bit of a language barrier.

Garlic Butter Bugs
. but they were pretty cool.. played some water volley ball with them!  they left today though.   theres a couple of other aussie guys from geelong at the hotel i talk to when i see,  probs in their 40's.

i have dinner at the same place every night..  they set up resturants along the streets at night time.. and they all try and get you to eat at their make-shift resturant..  and once you do there all so friendly too you because they want you to come back.  and it works.  been there every night and having   beautiful meals with a beer for like 200 baht.  so like $7!

same sort of thing on the beach,  you have to pay for a seat..  and the thai guys come and talk to you and are real friendly because they want you to come back to the same place everytime.

me and Leo
and pay to ride their jet skis or go parasailing!  and that works too, i go to the same place every day, and chat to the guys..  there pretty cool,  theres a big party on tonight that there promoting because one of the guys throws fire at it.. and ive ended up promoting it too now, they gave me some tickets to sell..  so will go there tonight with the aussie girls!

Also turns out that its Thai New Year here,  so lots of festitivies on.  they celebrate it with water.. pretty much just a massive water fight for 3 days..  you walk down the street and thai kids with super soakers squirt you!!   think thats what this party tonight is for!

anyway, thats about it for thailand now..  haven't done much touristy stuff, because i did it all last time i was here...  except i watched the thai boxing the other night..   but time to go lie on the beach and drink some coconuts!

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do not know what the hell is in th…
do not know what the hell is in t…
Garlic Butter Bugs
Garlic Butter Bugs
me and Leo
me and Leo
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