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We spent another day in London totting around, seeing the same sights. Not much more to say, like all places I wish I had more time, but my interests were already starting to pull eastward and I was not as fascinated with London as the days wore on.


I will say this- hellaovu expensive for an American. So when we saw meals for 5 pounds we thought great deal- so wrong. In Covenant Garden on our second full day we went inside and found a bunch of little market type shots, a bit shoddy but food was only 90 pence, 1 pound a completely organic fresh pizza only cost 1.50 pounds and it was to die for. All in all we were pretty pissed at Ben’s snobbiness to not know about this place so that we could have been eating here not, draining our cash on mediocre meals not nearly worth what they cost.


We met a really cool chick who gave us some free drink passes at a local bar- again American spin- that sucked but the free drinks were nice. Me and Israel stuck around there while Ben and Chris headed back. The girl, E… started with an E I think came over and had some drinks with us and we chatted it up with some others. And then around 10pm we headed back… we didn’t know how long a walk it was but me and Israel were keen on not paying a cab. It turned out to be some eight miles and we arrived at the flat around 11pm- soaking, wet, a bit tired, but exhilarated ‘cause we felt we had connected with London away from its tourist side.


We left on- well I don’t know they date. All four of us spent the whole night staying awake, chilling, talking. Chris and Israel got out their guitars and jammed for quite a while- good stuff. With much chagrin to part company, but for me and Chris an eagerness to move on toward our goal of Albania set the tone for our goodbyes. We had no idea how much we would miss those guys until we arrived with no contacts or idea of where we would stay in Rome. Ben and Israel were deeply missed by then…


But not before I lost $300 dollars to an airport mistake, a taxi race to get us to our plane on time, and then getting dicked hard by the baggage fee for being overweight (oh easy jet! how I loathe your vague baggage requirements.) So we arrived in London on the best note and left on a very bitter and tired note, God we love traveling.

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photo by: ulysses