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Performing on day 1 were Queens of the Stone Age, Kid Rock, HIM, Die Toten Hosen, Sportfreunde Stiller, and many others.  And I missed every single show.

And, I'd do it again.

The only MUST SEE act for me on day 1 was Queens of the Stone Age.  And they weren't going on until 11:45 that night.  So, I decided to meet my friend Sina in Bamberg for lunch.

Day 1, lesson 1: Get to know the lay of the land.

So, the best place I could find to park the day before was on the complete opposite side of the fest grounds from where my tent was.  Since I was kinda iffy about leaving my things in my tent while my compadres were off drinking and partying, I packed most of my clothes and valuables back into my big bag and rolled it with me back to the car.
  It was about a 30 minute walk.  Unfortunately upon arriving at the car, I realized that the keys were not among the "valuables" that I had taken with me.  Yup, car keys were still in my my tent...30 minutes away by foot.  Oh, and I've got this huge bag to drag 30 minutes each way.  Not cool.

So, I get the bright idea to stash the bag in the bushes and haul ass all the way back to the tent.  And, actually, it was a pretty effective method.  Nothing to make you get your ass in gear like the thought of someone stumbling across your stuff and taking off with it, or the image of returning only to find that someone saw you toss something in the bushes and called the bomb squad for fear of a terrorist attack (Yeah, George Bush has got us ALL fucked up!  What's the terror alert color for today?).

So, after running back to my tent, I figure that there has got to be a faster way back to my car.  First I looked for a cab, but for whatever reason this was the only time during the entire weekend that there weren't a gazillion taxis waiting at the main entrance.  So, I started to hoof it back, determined to reach my bag before the bomb squad, and found an alternate route that seemed like it would get me back to my car quicker., three complete circles and one hour later, I arrived back at my car, keys in hand to find my bags sitting unmolested in the same bushes.

Day 1 Lesson 2: Go with the flow

So, I'm waiting on a bridge in the beautiful little town of Bamberg for my friend Sina to show up.  Sina and I have this interesting history.
  We've been friends for about 7 years.  There's this completely insane sexual tension between us, but there has never been a right time to act on it.  It's always she has a boyfriend, or I have a girlfriend.  So, our relationship has been relegated to staring and flirting over lunch, or long telephone discussions of "what if".

Now, Sina (in addition to being smart and just cool as hell) has always been an attractive girl.  Beautiful face, nice shape, and tits that could nurse several third world nations.  But, her style had always been sweatpants and sneakers.  Well, that last part had changed over the couple years in which I hadn't seen her.  So, I'm just watching the people walk by on this nice afternoon in downtown Bamberg, wondering if I'll even recognize Sina when I see her.  "No, that's not her.  Nope, not her.  Kinda looks like, but nah. that...WOW!"

Crossing the street about half a block away is the same pretty face and obvious assets, but accompanied by a short skort, showing off the most luscious legs, leading down to the sexiest heels I had seen all day (I've got a bit of a shoe fetish).  Sina?  Wow, somewhere along the line she had traded in the comfortable sports gear for something a lot more...well...just MORE.  And I was impressed.

To be continued.
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photo by: ms_travelr