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Home base for 3 days
So, the plan was to fly into Germany a day before the festival began so I'd have a day to relax and my little girl would have a day to fight off the jet lag and get used to her new surroundings.  But, being that my daughter could run circles around that damned energizer bunny, she was having to problems adjusting to the time, and was ready to go see mommy on day 1.  Which was lucky for me because right after I dropped her off, I got a call from my girl who was also going to Rock im Park telling me that I'd better get my ass in gear, as all the spots for pitching tents were disappearing quickly.  Apparently, the smart people (of which, I am not one) get there the day before and find a nice spot to set up shop.  Who knew?

So, I hopped in the rental and hauled ass to Nuernberg.
  The place wasn't hard to find, as the festival takes place at the main fest area in the city, and everywhere are signs telling you where to go.  Parking was another story though.  I figured since parking was included in the ticket price, that there would be ample parking for everyone.  Wrong.  First come, first served, buddy.  And when they run out, you're on your own.  But, it wasn't impossible though.  If you drive around enough, you'll find somewhere to park.  Though I did get a tip from a friend not to park illegally, no matter how many other people you see doing it, as the tickets are a major source of revenue for the city.

Even so, I managed to park and catch up with my friends without incident.
  They had even saved me a place to put up my tent.  A tent which I had no idea how to construct.  I guess camping is a normal family outting in Germany, because all of my friends knew exactly what to do with what seemed to be the million pieces my tent came in.  Good thing, because otherwise it would have just been my sleeping bag and the stars...which doesn't sound so bad, except that it rained Saturday.

But, day 0 turned out pretty well.  Ended up laughing and drinking in a circle of tents around a cooler and little barbecue grill with great friends.  Not a bad Thursday night at all.

Lessons for the day:
1) Get there early.  If the festival starts on Friday, have your ass there Thursday morning for prime parking and tent real estate.
2) If you don't know how to pitch a tent, get some practice before-hand, or better yet, have friends who know what they're doing and will work for long island iced tea. :)
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Home base for 3 days
Home base for 3 days
photo by: tacco14