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So, I started looking at fares for this trip about a month ago.  And they were all hovering around the same price.  $2,100 (total for one adult and one child).  Not terrible, but also nothing to write home about.  So, planning to actually purchase tickets on the first (one week from now) I started searching again, to see what's what.  Everything about the same.  I managed to find tickets for 2 grand.

I used to always start my search of fares at Travelocity and Expedia, but preparing for my last trip, I started using TravelZoo's supersearch (http://supersearch.travelzoo.com/).  It works like any other search.  You put in your point of origin, destination, and dates of travel, but it searches multiple websites for the best fares.  It searches Travelocity and Expedia, as well as some of the lesser known sites like CheapTickets.com and Kayak.  Normally comes back with some pretty good fares.  But, alas, yesterday still nothing beating $2,000...and that was on Singapore Airlines.  To top it all off, I got home to a news report about how gas prices were causing the price of air travel to be so ridiculous.  So, I was pretty much resolved that 2 g's was the best I was going to do.

So, today, I get a call from Laura Riedel from Gemut.com.  They normally find really good fares to Europe.  She booked my trip to Prague last year for dirt cheap.  So, I was pretty geeked when I got the call.  But, bad news.  The best she could do for my dates was...yup, you guessed it...$2,000.  Luckily for me though, she couldn't hold the seats until the 1st.  She could only guarantee the fare for 72 hours.  I say "luckily" because that made me do a second search at TravelZoo in the interim.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the same search that was hitting me with the magic number of $2,000 yesterday had magically dropped to...wait for it...wait for it...WAIT...$1,300.

Yup.  No joke.  All of a sudden, Air Canada has multiple flights for dirt cheap.  At first, I figured something must be wrong.  I checked my dates.  Checked to make sure they didn't have me flying out of any bizarre out-of-the-way airports.  Nope.  Cleveland to Toronto.  Toronto to Frankfurt.  Of course, the 3 hour layover each way is kind of a pain, but...I'll deal with it.  Screw waiting for the first!  CHAAAAAAARGE IT!!!

Rock im Park, here I come!

yarasil says:
What a deal! It always pays to check again!
Posted on: Jun 21, 2008
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