Second Day at the Wildlife Volunteer Centre - bears and nocturnal animals

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Sandee the Bintarong

Slightly later start today; I'm on a 5 minute per day reduction alarm programme until I can work out exactly how long I need to get up blearily, throw scruffy clothes on, slather on sun screen and make coffee before work starts. Bears went pretty much the same as yesterday minus the pool job which was replaced by a volunteer meeting.


After breakfast and meeting I was on 'nocturnal cages', i.e. cleaning all the cages all the cages of the noctural animals; It's much the same as bears; sweeping poo, changing water etc.

Charlie (or Angel) the Palm Faced Civet
I then had a break between lunchtime and 2.30pm and again I napped in the heat of the day, though waking up in a humid room under a mosquito net takes a full 45 minutes to wake up and shake off the lethargy. I'm fairly sure I was a total dunce for the second bear feed. This time Joan and Bouncer got shoots as an additional treat as a hark-back to Joan's early days at the centre when all she would eat were shoots after her crappy diet in captivity. Every day all the animals are on a slightly different programme either to vary their diet, give them treats or medication, or enrich their days by placing their food in unusual places. It really is quite a feat when you realise that this individually-tailored programme is carried out daily for 270 animals. This revelation became somewhat less exciting when I realised tomorrow my team will have to feed 171 primates twice.....


Uneventful evening apart from the sudden remembrance of the nocturnal animal's evening feed at 8.30pm. This saw Neil and I with flashlights wandering round the now impossibly traversable park trying to retrace steps taken originally in daylight and now with no recognisable landmarks. We were as quiet as possible to avoid waking the monkeys, but Neil just about shat his pants when there was a metallatic sounding scuffle from behind us and a long-fingered hand grabbed his shoulder in the dark.......

Much cuter were the black bears laid flat out on their backs on the top of the giant tree trunks in the enclosures snoring away like babies, and Miaow the tiger stretched out like a giant house cat near the enclosure door.

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Sandee the Bintarong
Sandee the Bintarong
Charlie (or Angel) the Palm Faced …
Charlie (or Angel) the Palm Faced…
Sumo the Slow Loris
Sumo the Slow Loris
Another Palm-Faced Civit (cutie wi…
Another Palm-Faced Civit (cutie w…
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