Day 27 - Primates 1 & Hua Hin

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Primates 1 again today - I am deeply suspicious that despite being given my favourite team (and the team I am leader of) so many days in a row before I leave, that Emma has concocted some horrible schedule for me for my last day. I'm just enjoying P1 though and watch the newer staff struggle through more challenging schedules while I get on with my favourite jobs.

I didn't get a chance to go down and see Sid's group, Ting Tong and Cocksucker get released but lots of people did and the reports throughout the day were that they were getting on great. Cocksucker has stopped screaming for attention and seems to be having far too much fun exploring the forest, trees and pool. Emma says she knew he was bouncing on the branches but couldn't see him, so it is a success, since the enclosures aren't meant to be viewing platforms, but homes for the animals. Any chance to increase their natural habtat and reduce contact/view of humans has to be a good thing.

It CHUCKED it down before prep started for second feed and I negotiated the growing massive lakes between the volunteer house and the prep house in my poncho with the hood tied up tight around my face. The water flowed down from the prep house to the fruit house like a river and the only way to collect the food was to balance on the edges of the path carrying the huge tubs of fruit. This meant stepping right next to Loi's cage (as opposed to Kot's cage on the other side which would have been a crazy mistake) and trying to tightrope walk carrying several kilos of fruit right next to the wire. We are always edgy near the cage fencing; you never know when something might reach out and grab you/scratch you/poke you. As I to-ed and fro-ed I kept falling into the "river" as Loi bounded over to the fence in his excitement to blow kisses at me, but appearing on my peripheral vision as a fast-moving blob of fur causing me to jump and over-balance. It was very sweet, as I trudged through the rain, but my feet got very wet!

When we finished I was more up for a night curled up with a book in a warm bed but we had planned to go to Hua Hin that evening and since I was leaving soon I thought it would be good to have a leaving 'do' that night. We had great pizza and wine at a restaurant 2 doors down from our favourite, Mamma Mia's and then headed to Sam Sam's. Pretty much everyone from the centre had come down so it was good for everyone to spend time chatting. Elise got crazy drunk with the Thai staff and they were loud and giggly all night. In fact they were practically off the scale volume-wise in the taxi back. Only dogs could hear Elise by this stage...

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Hua Hin
photo by: yuness