Day 26 - Primates 1

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As hoped I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. I bounced out of bed and danced my way to the prep house for Primates 1. I was working with Monica, Leesa and Sine and the team worked well though we all had to feed out together for lack of anyone else experienced enough to split into 2 groups. I didn't mind though, I love feeding out. And as my days here get less and less, it's another chance to see my favourites. It also gave me a chance to help out with some other tasks, like litter-picking in the new macaque fields. Any bits of concrete, wire, building refuse and contractors' bottles etc have to be picked up before some of the solitary macaques and groups are released tomorrow. Sid's group and Cocksucker are going in! So we are looking forward to seeing how they get on there.

Monica was also in a mischevious mood today and we spent the day playing pranks, throwing stuff at each other, spraying each other and generally being a pair of idiots. I got a satsuma in the eye, which I probably deserved, though I couldn't see straight for 5 minutes and my eyes were sore for the next 2 days. Somehow I developed an allergy to satsumas - eating one now makes my eyes weep!

That evening Monica, John, Sam, Tamsin, Nicky and I played scrabble which Sam and I won by one point despite all John's careful strategy. For some reason we were on fire, and lucky enough to get Zs, Qs and Xs and use them wisely. I wish I knew why I am a total dunce at Scrabulous then? It was good to have a chilled evening with some wine.

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photo by: thelailama