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So I didn't DARE go shopping today considering my vast quantity of luggage already, so instead I went to the opticians and bought some new glasses as I lost mine in Laos on the island with 4 hrs of electricity. I looked for an email address to contact them - HA! Unlikely... Then I just hung out on Rambuttri Sol, trying to get in as much sticky rice and mango as possible before I leave Thailand and this delicious dish behind indefinitely.

The taxi ride left a bitter taste in my mouth for my last hours in Asia. The driver refused to put the meter on and then over-charged me by 4 times the rate I estimated it should cost. He almost lost the plot at the airport and started to put my luggage back in the car when I argued with him over the price. I backed down in a reluctant sulk too fearful of another man-handling incident but tired finally of being ripped off my Asians. Most unBuddhist I feel.

Waiting for the flight took ages; there were three staff that seemed to be handling our one flight solely by themselves as they changed uniforms and appeared at check-in and at the departure lounge in various differing roles. I'd almost have believed it was a training exercise, and it took forever to board as they flitted back and forth. I tried to enjoy the experience as I remembered that this is the penultimate day to culiminate 8 months of travel. So I relished in the incompetence and delays. Buddha bless them.

Unfortunately I had badly planned my flight and the aeroplane dumped me out at Singapore at midnight and I had to decide what to do about sleeping before my flight at 4pm tomorrow. I decided to sleep in the airport (I have good experience of uncomfortable sleeping arrangements after a month at the centre and I've done it before for Vietnam and it was only slightly hellish) until I saw the Budget Terminal and realised spending 15 hours there would be impossible. So I decided to catch the aiport shuttle to a hostel, except the hotel desk wouldn't give me the details of any hotel that wasn't dramatically out of my price range. So on her advice, I caught the free shuttle to Terminal 2, trollyed over to MaccyD's and abused their free internet for several hours. I then sat down and had a lovely chat with a Malaysain woman on her way to Canada to visit her son, before having a reasonably unconscious nap (thank god I've bought an eye mask finally!) for 3 hours. 
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photo by: Deats