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Andy with a mouse in the rain
Despite a reasonably early night I still felt pretty lethargic this morning. At least I wasn't as bad as some people, but I am fairly sure no one was really up to working super hard today. Lieke was so sick in fact that she bailed on her first day with elephants, though I am sure it had something to do with pineapple picking - the hardest harvest and tougher than anything the wildlife teams deal with!

Thankfully I was working with Monica today who zipped through P2 while I sulkily pushing a broom around slowly. She did 4 cages to my 3 in the morning, and when I turned up in the afternoon she'd already completed 2 of the cages. Good lass! We split up for Other Cages but spent some time watching poor Seb (Mr Big Bollocks) be sedated before speying (no more Mr Big Bollocks) down at the hospital.  It was sad to watch this magnificent macaque wobbling and crashing into the wire confused and bewildered as to why his limbs wouldn't obey before flopping to the ground. He wasn't suffering though, I think the dart dyringe suffered more as he got hold of it and chewed it to bits before slipping unconscious in a puddle.

The heavens opened again around 3pmish and I sulkily stared out at the rain wishing I had a hot shower and warm clothes. This was the culmination of a 2 day episode of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I think and I stropped around the volunteer house angry at everything that wasn't right. I was sick of being muddy, of being wet, I couldn't shower because our shower was blocked and Laura's shower had a creepy spider in it. I had a bit of a freak-out, and one or two (!) rants, and just hoped for a better day tomorrow.

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Andy with a mouse in the rain
Andy with a mouse in the rain
photo by: thelailama