23rd Day - Day off at Petchvarin Resort

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Petchvarin resort
11 hours sleep in our lovely, comfy beds. I slept like a baby, though Sarah was a bit cold with the air con set to 26 degrees. It's amazing to think how much we've acclimatised - at home I would sunbathe in that temperature and here it is cold enough now to us to be air conditioned temperature! In Melbourne I refused to go outside in 41 degrees, and here I work long hours in 36 degrees without dying of heat exhaustion!  

We had a continental breakfast in the European restaurant and then headed over to the spa for a massage. I had a neck, shoulder and head massage with lemongrass oil, and Sarah had a full body massage. We were asked to change into bizarre gauze knickers and dressing gowns, had our feet washed (much to Sarah's discomfort) and then lay down to a delicious hour of being kneaded and rubbed.
Petchvarin resort

As I finished earlier I waited for Sarah by the pool. I was pretty self-conscious in my bikini, knowing that in Thailand it is not really okay to show so much flesh but I don't have anything else and the place was deserted anyway. Apparently they are busy on weekends but during the week it is empty. We ordered orange juices (delicious freshly-squeezed satsuma juice in fact) and slipped some vodka in on the sly, and lazed around the pool reading for a while. We only broke our arduous regime of swimming, reading and basking for lunch at the European restaurant (caesar salad and club sandwich) and to check out.

At 5.30pm we went to the spa again for a body wrap each with Thai oils. Since both of us are leaving soon, this is the last time we will be able to come here so we decided to splash out.
The Thai restaurant at Petchvarin resort
Once again, on with the sexy knick-knacks and onto a bed to be slathered in a lovely-smelling clay-like substance that smeared over the skin like thin mud. Once we had been completely covered, we we wrapped first in fabric, then in plastic, and then finally in a thick blanket.
Feeling like a (toasty-warm) Egyptian mummy the lights were dimmed, the temperature turned up a little and we were left to snooze for half an hour in the delicious, cosy wrap. Time ended too soon however and we were unravelled from our packaging and led to the shower. The clay had turned bright yellow and stained the skin like jaundice. It took some scrubbing and careful examination of all nooks and crannies to ensure all traces of bright yellow had been removed before we dressed again. Our skin, expectedly so, was smooth and sexy, and smelled divine. We left the spa (after purple sweet potato tea, or so we think it was) floating on a cloud, the smell of frangipani wafting after us.

Laura and Elise were just arriving for their night at the resort and they had brought Lieke in the pick-up so once they had checked in we all went for dinner at the Thai restaurant. We had a fabulously decadent meal; coconut chicken soup, Thai tuna canapes, fried river fish with vegetables, pork satay, chicken green curry, and fried garlic pork washed down with several Mai Tais, everyone's new favourite cocktail.

All too soon it was time for us 3 to head back, leaving Elise and Laura to their comfortable rooms and towel elephants and enjoy a nice drive back in the dark, with the cool air blowing through our hair.

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Petchvarin resort
Petchvarin resort
Petchvarin resort
Petchvarin resort
The Thai restaurant at Petchvarin …
The Thai restaurant at Petchvarin…
photo by: thelailama