22nd Day - Primates 2, Other Cages and off to the Petchvarin Resort

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Towel elephant at the resort
Training again today which I expected to go slowly but we were all done at Primates 2 cages by 8am, almost an hour early for breakfast, and done with Other Cages by 11am, an hour early for lunch. This was in part due to a move-around of cages, which means 2 cages previously done in the morning has become 4 cages to be completed in the afternoon. Sid's group has been merged with Ting Tong so cleaning their cages with Cocksucker's and Joi's means shunting 4 cages of monkeys up and down into each other's cages with the aid of food to get them to move. Sam also loved playing with my least favourite bird, Randy, so I let him spend a good 20 minutes having some one-on-one time (while we filled the bird bath) while I watched from the safe position on the other side of the wire!

The 4 cages in the afternoon was pulled off without a hitch despite my misgivings about them all moving and once we'd swept outside the cages I was free to get ready to go to the nearby resort (where wildlife staff get a discount of 1600 Baht/night) for the night for another day off tomorrow with Sarah. We got picked up at 6pm in the pick-up truck (distinctly inelegant for arriving at a 4* resort in our nice clothes, compared to the usual executive car) and after 25 minutes arrived at the remote resort complex lit with glowing orbs that nestled in the gardens casting shadows with the palm fronds. We checked in and settled into our lovely air-conditioned room replete with cute elephants made of rolled-up towels and sweet-smelling fruit. We set out for dinner at the Thai restaurant and enjoyed a fantastic coconut chicken soup in a clay heated pot with rice before returning to the room. There was only one English-speaking channel, with the FTSE index and interviews on the trade floor which I was tempted to leave on for the pure need for English background babble after so many days of peaceful quiet but we found a design channel and had that on for a while before bed.

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Towel elephant at the resort
Towel elephant at the resort
photo by: thelailama