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Lieke sweeping Joey and Sumchai's outside cage

After such a full-on day yesterday Emma had been kind enough to put me on Primates 2 for the day with no extra duties. Primates 2 is easy, quick and has a break of at least 3 hours in the middle of the day. We cleaned all the usual cages in the morning and I was pleased we were on time for breakfast until I remembered our castrated macaque that has been kept in one of the inside enclosures had been returned to the field and consquently we would need to clean two cages that had not been cleaned in over a week. We were late for breakfast but I was glad later when it gave cocksucker the opportunity to be moved from the baby cage to the clean enclosure. He has been bullying the other baby macaques, thinking he's Top Boss, but he needs to be taken down a peg or two by playing with The Big Boys and realising he's just a pipsqueak.

Kot drinking from the hose

After breakfast I was waiting in the volunteer house for Simon to appear so I could offer my help for some of the extra jobs but as I sat there reading, Emma caught me nodding off. I explained why I was waiting and she sent me off to bed, telling me to take a decent rest after yesterday, so I gratefully climbed into bed for a decent nap before feeding out to P2 at 3.15pm. Cocksucker seemed to have settled in well, and he has access to social interaction with both the macaques next door and the 10 macaques in the field so it will be good to see how they get on.

That evening we sat out in the outside courtyard and played Celebrity Head; the game where you have to guess what celebrity name is on your forehead. After a couple of rounds of bands and actors we played rounds using well-known animal personalities from the Wildlife Centre! I was Bandit and Tung Tong, our one-legged baby disabled macaque and our miraculous recovery bald macaque. The rounds lead on to some freaky and funny conversations as to which characters would be sexy if they were human? Many people agreed that Kot would be, though he hates me and I hate him so I can't see it personally. He would be the "bad boy, crew-cut and leather jacket, leave-you-in-the-morning type". Personally, Bong (gibbon) is one of my favourites; easy-going but noisy and fun-loving!

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Lieke sweeping Joey and Sumchais …
Lieke sweeping Joey and Sumchai's…
Kot drinking from the hose
Kot drinking from the hose
photo by: thelailama