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The Hogbadger (or as I like to call him 'Badgerpig'.

A punishing schedule today; I clearly made a mistake in confiding in Emma that I prefer to be kept moving rather than having lots of long breaks...

First bears, which I haven't done since I arrived, and had 2 new people to train. I spent some time last night re-familiarising myself with the procedures though, and I pretty much remembered everything. We pulled that off without a hitch and made good time before breakfast.

Then, Other Cages with the new people again; I let them deal with Sam's horse shit but dealt with the otter poo myself. It would be a bit mean giving them that on the first day! Plus we all did Randy's cage together; I was super-proud of myself for daring to take on the Evil One directly and kept him from pecking my legs with the broom whilst feeding him palm berries and monkey chow as an enrichment treat.

Cute civet
Thankfully Simon came in to assist after a bit (I retreated behind a pole), played with Randy and threw berries up to the smaller Hornbills so they had to swoop and fly to catch them. The new people were finding it hard with acclimatising to the heat so while I strode about with a broom, they lagged behind panting, so we didn't finish up before lunchtime. I grabbed a bowl of food, and finished up with the iguanas before eating.

After a restful break for lunch, we were back on Bears again; preparing 4 large crates of fruit and 4 smaller tubs for our 19 fluffy loves. We were pushed behind schedule though as Meyn our bear keeper struggled to get all 9 bears in the small enclosure at the same time so we could get in and clean. Unfortunately this took 25 minutes of getting 8 in and then one leaving as we managed to get the final one in. Finally he managed and we were grateful that the sun was hidden by cloud as we cleaned up the enclosure as this is a brutal time of day to be out in the field with no shade shoveling shit!

After bears I trained on Nocturnal Diets, which was a bit of shambles as I've only done it a couple of times, plus as enrichment we were placing food around the enclosures rather than leaving them in bowls so it took much longer. We finally, finally came in at 6.30pm, just enough time to shower before dinner. I had doggy duty as well after dinner; preparing 16 meals for dogs with dog food and dinner leftovers, plus feeding Sandee the bintarong at 8.30pm. Thankfully for me I managed to palm off these duties on some kind friends and stumbled down to the internet cafe to make contact with the outside world before an early night and a deep, deep sleep.

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The Hogbadger (or as I like to cal…
The Hogbadger (or as I like to ca…
Cute civet
Cute civet
photo by: thelailama