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Steph and Katie singing

Another day on Primates 1 and 2. I was mostly working with Lieke who is now team captain of P2 and I lead P1. We're a good team together; we had all the cleaning done by 10.30am! I really don't mind doing both jobs; it's only as bad as working on one team but having pool duty in the middle of the day, plus I don't mind being kept busy all day; having long breaks means I get more tired and lethargic and it is harder to get up and work.

In the evening Emma had arranged for us to have a kareoke evening down at the Elephant Kitchen. I was pretty set on not going to this as I hate kareoke with a passion. I think it's neither fun to do or to watch, and if that makes me a party pooper, I don't care so ner. But since so many people had insisted they weren't singing, Elise guilt-tripped me into going as she said it would be sad if no one showed and they'd gone to so much effort to set up for us. Long story cut short, I went.

Down at the Kitchen the music choices were at times really obscure! For the first 10 minutes there was a lot of 'NEXT!' as we scrolled through all the CD/DVDs trying to find one anyone knew. Eventually Emma kicked off the evening with a song, and after that it pretty much turned into more of a group sing-along. Since no one was moving from their chair to sing with the microphone (which was being handed "hot potato"-like around the group), and everyone was singing along anyway, it was a lot less intimidating to sing, and I sang two songs - only the second and third time I have ever sang kareoke! So I was proud of myself; it's on my '101 Things to Do Before I Die' list to do kareoke, so that's cool.

By the end of the evening only our little group of 7 were left - the 'old timers' I suppose that have stuck together through our first weeks together; me, Laura, Elise, Lieke, Katie and Steph. We were fairly rowdy and having a great time. With the flashing fairy lights in the dark, and us all singing together, we finished on a high - Coldplay - Speed of Sound - it felt like a lighters in the air swaying, end of a concert kind-of-feeling.


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Steph and Katie singing
Steph and Katie singing
photo by: thelailama