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outside the Cube Hotel
Lermoos is a great place if you're after a typically tourist alpine village with perfectly formed snow, like something out of a children's storybook. It's shielded from strong winds due to the surrounding mountains, which in my opinion makes it less cold than Amsterdam, which was horrendously windy when I visited earlier before and soon after.

Like most places in Europe, Austria tends to be on the expensive side, with a taxi fare from Lermoos to the closest large town, Reutte, costing around 30 euros. In fact, to go from Innsbruck airport to Lermoos, I decided to choose the cheaper option of taking the OBB transit service to Lermoos for 11,90 euros - but the entire train ride was around 2hours and 15mins!!! And somewhere in between I had to transfer real quick, which was my luck I found out from a fellow passenger, because if I hadn't the transferring train would've left in just under 2 mins.... The next train then would've been another 30-45mins.

Because my flight back from Innsbruck to Amsterdam was an early flight (thanks in part to my cost-cutting), taking the train back to Innsbruck from Lermoos wasn't an option. So, I decided to take the cheapest available taxi back (1hour journey), for 100 euros.

The journey to and back was very nice, the snowy mountain-sides and winding roads make sightseeing on the train/taxi very enjoyable.

Lermoos isn't the only town nearby to have a well graded pistes. Nearby, Biberweir and Ehrwald had very nice slopes and stations, and the entire area is home to Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. Skiing was a bit difficult in Ehrwald, because there were a lot of little kids getting taught lessons, with a ski school nearby. So if you don't want to destroy little children and their confidence for their future skiing abilities, then beginners beware.

The area is also home to the NTC ski equipment company, who have stations on all three slopes. Hiring their equipment is cheap in my opinion, and also pain-free. The attendent who fitted me out was extremely helpful, even if her accent was hard to comprehend at times.

NTC also host some really wierd and funky "ski equipments" such as the ski fox and ski bike, which are combinations of bikes/skis/sleds. They also have your typical sleds and tubes for those after a good laugh. I personally didn't try them, but I would encourage all to give them a shot.

Embarrasingly, I injured myself on the first day of skiing, every skier's nightmare. Actually, I snowboard, but it was still bad experience, as I'm still trying to recover as I'm typing this.

I took a kicker too fast, and landed on my arse, compressing my rib cage to my hips. The emergency rescue guys took me to the hospital in Reutte, and gave me an Xray. We made a joke about apres-ski at the hospital, it was a well-timed joke. My bones weren't broken, but my cartilage had broken, and was making a cracking noise everytime I turned the wrong way. All that time, I was sh**ting myself becaues I didn't have travel insurance, and was wondering how much this was going to cost.

When I was home, I received a bill later for 166 euros, phew.... note to self, think about travel insurance before I take the next big jump.

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outside the Cube Hotel
outside the Cube Hotel
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