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well i have been located at my InTown suites in Charleston, SC. and today i decided i would drive around without my GPS looking for food cause hey why would i need a GPS to find food. hmmmmm bad idea. i ended up lost cause i wasn't happy with the resturants i drove by. so i drove and drove and ended up in Downtown Charleston. which that isn't the bad part. i decided ok i think its time to turn around and try to get back home and settle for any place to eat. but i hit a stop sign and i had some older lady with barely any teeth wigging out and stubbled to my car like she was cracked out of her mind. and came right up to my window trying to get my attention but i rolled up my window and proceeded to ignore her. then she started to cry which made me laugh a lot. and the light turned green and i thought i have seen bad neighborhoods till i found this area. all the building look like they were all through a hurricane and never decided to fix them. and it people are sleeping on the side walk. and much more. it was a rough area to be in. then on my way back all the one ways got me backwards and twisted around and that is when i was offically lost. so i try to get back and keep driving and i decide to take a left at a T in the road. and that road happened to be the road that took me right to Folly Beach, SC. which is a nice looking town. just down to earth with gorgeouse beach line.... and then we ended up eating at the best seafood resturant ever.... i have never had anything come close to there quality of food. and after that got directions back to my hotel and came home but that i would have to say was a great night. 
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Folly Beach
photo by: 1liverguy