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where is our train?

The rest of the night wasn't all sweet at all. We got on the train by 11pm and had some sleep for a few minutes until I got really cold and couldn't sleep anymore. And then an hour later some drunk guys sat with us and annoyed every inch of our hair. I was the unlucky one to sit with the drunk guy who wouldn't shut his mouth.

I shouldn't have opened my eyes and let him know that I'm awake enough for him to ask me whatever it was he asked me (memory gap again). I just told him that I don't speak german but that didn't stop him from asking more questions.  He asked me where I was from and since I already have the habit of telling annoying strangers that I'm from Japan (and sometimes I also tell them my Japanese name and also when I'm going to be married though they don't really ask about it) so that's what I told him.

finally our train came. we were so happy
And strangely he didn't talk to me anymore!

We had to stop over somewhere which I am guessing was Mannheim (but I guess I'm wrong) because the train that we took wasn't taking us straight to Basel. Thanks to some protest our next train got delayed.... uber delayed so we were stuck there on the station absolutely cold.  I was so sleepy but there was nowhere to sleep at at all. The station was closed already so we were just there on the platforms praying for mercy. But mercy only came 3 hours later.

I was so cold I went inside a phonebooth to keep me warm even for just a bit. I slept there for ten seconds until I hit my head on the wall. It was just brutal. We were so glad when the train finally came.

not a flattering picture of her hehehe she won't like me posting this

I didn't get to sleep on the train though even though the seats were some comfy reclining seats. We were woken up by border police, if that's what you call them, and I suddenly felt shivers running down my spine as I have to speak to them in german since I have showed them my german passport. Two of the million things that gaves my stomach some seriously bad shakies: Police and speaking to me in german.  I did understood him, thankfully. They only checked Phydie's bag and not mine, suspecting her maybe for drug trafficking, good for me.

We finally made it to Basel. Phydie's friend Ryan who lives there picked us up at the station and drove us to his place where we will be staying. Had some breakfast and then slept. ^^

darlingwish says:
hindi kita jear.
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
JeAr says:
so hindi nakita ung drugs na bitbit mo? hehehe :P
Posted on: Apr 15, 2008
sarahelaine says:
Posted on: Apr 15, 2008
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where is our train?
where is our train?
finally our train came. we were so…
finally our train came. we were s…
not a flattering picture of her he…
not a flattering picture of her h…
Phydie: Leave me alone!
Phydie: Leave me alone!
almost in Basel
almost in Basel