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Jetlag? What jetlag? The day after I came back from the ridiculously delayed flight from Bangkok I flew a thousand miles again back to Hamburg. Amazingly, I slept all the way from Manila to Dubai, all 8 hours! Amazing not just because I am getting better with sleeping on planes, long flights or not, but I can also sleep despite some stinky feet from the person sitting beside me! For 8 hours!! My neck hurt though from having slept only on one side. Hey, I might sound like a bad person but I'm not, stinky feet are stinky feet!

When I arrived in Hamburg, Phydie had the guts to laugh at one box that I was carrying as if she didn't made me wait a couple of hours at the airport for her to pick me up. The box was awfully wrapped with yellow paper, tied around with plastic rope, and looked as if it would fall apart anytime. It even had a sticker put on by an airline staff saying 'Fragile' only if they know that it only had my favorite instant noodles, and Phydie shouldn't laugh about it because it will be our food for the next three weeks! 

We went straight to her place and got ourselves ready for our trip that will start the next day. Pack, unpack, pack, unpack and now pack, getting used to this routine really! How good in packing are we? Well, not so good. Let's see it this way:

Phydie: 1 pair of jeans:: Clever. Not difficult to carry..... 3 pairs of shoes and a flipflops:: Fabulous but not very smart.... No books:: Not much of a reader but saves space... Hair drier and hair iron:: Stylish but quite heavy.... Not more than 10 shirts:: Just the right amount... 3 celfones:: In case of emergency but hey, who needs 3 really?

Me: Just my chucks and a pair of flipflops:: Brilliant! I don't have to carry 3 shoes if I can borrow from Phydie anyway!... 3 pairs of jeans:: Honestly not bad.... 3 books:: Genius but bad because I never read them in this trip!.... 15 or so packs of my favorite instand noodles:: The greatest idea ever!... Salonpas:: I knew from the moment we saw how much we packed we were going to need this!

Anyway, I packed more than my backpack is able to carry so I had two additional bags. Phydie had this huge bag bigger than her couch and one small bag enough to carry all her celfones. We printed out all our hostel bookings and also some informations about the places we're going to see (but we never really got to read them!). Burned my pictures from Thailand and Cambodia which amazed Phydie for taking more than 3 thousand photos for just one week.

Eurrail pass for me and Interail pass for Phydie are ready. And I think now we're all set!

darlingwish says:
its a must! hehehe^^
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
darlingwish says:
tompak! so dapat magpaluto tayo sa mga vietnamese at cambodians ng pancit canton! hahahaha cant wait grabe miss ko na!
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
JeAr says:
ako gusto ko, so kanya kanyang baon beh :P
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
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