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kayakers playing in rapids

When my daughter was 6 (minimum age for this trip) we went on a whitewater rafting trip. I used D'vorak Expeditions. They provided everything we needed, and were even able to rent some personal gear (like a tent) which I didn't want to take on the plane. This was the farthest west I had been, and it was very exciting and fun. All these years later, my little girl doesn't really remember much, so I guess I could have waited until she was older.

While the outfitters supplied and did all the work, guests were able to, but not required to, lend a hand with chores. Guests had to handle their own gear and tents, it wasn't a luxury trip by any means. The breakfasts and dinners were great, lunch was sometimes a little skimpy. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, the wildlife was spectacluar -- we had deer in our campsite most nights, and saw everything from scorpions to rattlesnakes.

of course a photo cannot do justice to the scenery
 Of course we practiced minimal-impact camping. We only occasionally saw other people on the river. We took several short hikes to see petraglyphs or abandoned homestead sites or particularly pretty places, even a clear, fresh spring tumbling from half-way down a cliff.

If you get the chance to take a river adventure, don't hesitate. Pack very light, remember the closest you get to a shower is a wet wipe, and there's little point in putting clean clothes on a dirty body. I would have in tossed a big bag of snacks like gorp or dried fruit if I'd realized how hungry I'd get. Bring a game (I brougt a chinese checker game, and a harmonica) but the major forms of entertainment comes from the location and the people you're with.

Having a small group of about 20 people with us for the six days was a totally new travel experience for me. It was my first time making friends in such a short time through such intense activities. It changed my views on vacationing permanently. No more sitting around on a cruise ship drinking myself sick...but, that could be another blog. LOL!

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kayakers playing in rapids
kayakers playing in rapids
of course a photo cannot do justic…
of course a photo cannot do justi…
Green River
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