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Today I did some "pottering about" as my mum would call it. Which basically means I did f*** all, at least most of the day. I had to tackle the dreaded tax return, which fortunately showed me I'm owed some money by the tax office. What!? Did I say OWED? Yes I did! Unfortunately I won't get to spend it on anything fun like travelling though, seeing I owe people more than I'm owed....

Anyway, this afternoon I went for a drink with some friends at "De Beurs". We sat in the covered outside area (I know, it sounds rediculous). I was dying for a nice beer (Belgian Kriek for instance) but seeing I had a job interview to go to opted for a hot chocolate with whipped cream instead. It was very nice to be able to do this again, I had forgotten how I missed just being able to meet friends for a drink like that...

I went to the job interview after that at Fair Play Center Prinsenhof in Meppel. This is what I would call a "pokie hall". There are lots of gambling machines in a room basically. The vacancy is for a floor worker. You serve drinks and snacks (which are served free of charge), explain the games, stuff like that. I was told I can have the job if I want it but I did explain I have another job interview to go to on Wednesday. So the plan is to call them again on Wednesday morning.

After this I decided to walk into another job agency I have registered with (Werkplan) to let them know about my interview on Wednesday, and had a very good conversation with the senior commercial manager there. He had some great ideas and I will meet with him again on Thursday to talk more.

Tonight I have decided to just have cheese and crackers for dinner (I LOVE cheese) and watch some tv. Last night I got interrupted by the phone constantly so we'll see how that goes....

Stevie_Wes says:
Like the definition of 'pottering about'... a favourite expression of my mother too. Joyful Tax Returns too... apparently despite the f**kin' months of organised conversations and form fillings I did in the UK before I left to register non-Tax status until I return (and then AGAIN when last in Cyprus) the f**kin' vampires are STILL after me so yet more forms should arrive in Cyprus as we speak. "Oh joy!"
Posted on: May 31, 2009
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photo by: Stevie_Wes