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Today I had to call the guy that checked out the heating system again as things still weren't working right, and he also replaced the thermostat. Then I had to do some business stuff, finish packing my car and drive to Meppel. Unloaded the car and drove to Hengelo where I had to return the car. I had gotten it on loan after I totalled my lease car on March 28th. As I am not getting a replacement I am now officially carless. This meant I had to return to Meppel by train...

The railsystem in The Netherlands is quite good. Of course it has it's problems and we like to complain a lot, but all in all it's not that bad. Which is a good thing as I'll have to start using it a lot more... From Hengelo I took the "stoptrein" to Zwolle. This meant that it stopped at every trainstation in between Hengelo and Zwolle. If you want a train that stops at major trainstations only, you take the "intercity". This is not always possible though depending on the time you are travelling. The train was quite comfortable. When I got to Zwolle I had to change trains which was leaving from the platform beside the one I arrived on. I had about 15 minutes to spare so plenty of time to grab a cup of coffee but not so long that you get really bored. On the next train I got into a "silence" compartment. This means there are no phones or music allowed and people have to speak quietly. Really good if you want to read or study or just have some peace and quiet. Of course there were some people there who had no idea what the word "silence" means, so I asked the politely to be quiet. I don't think they were very impressed with me but they could have gone and sat somewhere else! All in all the trip took about an hour and a half, fifteen minutes longer than driving would have. The ticket (full price second class) cost €13,30 one way.

Stevie_Wes says:
Or you could try travelling by train for free from Meppel like dumbsh*t Stevie did... flouncing onto the train still too preoccupied thinking of yummy lasagne to remember to purchase a ticket and then having to grovel to avoid a 50 Euro fine! :D
Posted on: May 31, 2009
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photo by: Stevie_Wes