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My actual push to drive north without planned stops began on April 14th from Seattle, Washington. I drove the Western Access Route, which is mainly Highway 97 in Canada and then links up with Highway 1, or the Alaskan/Canadian Highway (The Alcan). I had spectacular days of driving with great weather. The sights are incredible and change continuously throughout Canada and Alaska. There were very few people on the road - I drove many times for 20 or 30 minutes without seeing a car traveling in either direction. It added a great sense of seclusion, especially since most of the cars I saw were heading south.

My first night I pulled off the road and found a place to sleep in the back of the car. I didn't sleep much though, for fear of death by rural inbred Canadians, or because I just felt like driving.
I woke at about 2:30 am and drove more until 6am, then slept until about 8am and continued. This was a full day of driving that ended about 9:30pm at Liard River Hotsprings. I stayed in the car in a campsite and awoke early (6am) to take a dip in the hotsprings before heading out. I was early enough to have the whole place to myself!

I drove the whole next day and entered back into the United States (in Alaska) around 8:30pm. It was bitterly cold in the far north, well below zero with strong winds. I decided it was best not to meander too long that night so I only slept for about an hour, drove for awhile, slept another two hours, and then continued driving and welcomed the morning sun. I arrived in Girdwood, Alaska at 11am in great spirits on a gorgeous day. I am, however, still recovering from lack of sleep.

Overall, my trip was spectacular. In my mind it is a continual blur of massive beauty throughout. It is wonderful to think that there still are places one could die in the harsh elements of Mother Nature. I hope it stays this way for many generations to come. In the end, I feel every person should experience the drive through Canada to Alaska at least once in their lives. The adventure and wondrous beauty is absolutely breathtaking.
Eric says:
I've made the drive from California to Seattle before and the views were incredible. Sounds like the landscape gets even more amazing when you get north of the border. Thanks for sharing your blog and photos!
Posted on: Apr 19, 2008
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