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Disaster averted.

Despite what their website said not only did this airline not "strictly enforce" the absurd carry-on regulations, they didnt even weigh and then subsequently charge me for my waaay over-the-50-lb-limit checked bags. One thing their website wasnt lying about however is arrival time. I thought the rule was get to the airport 1 hour ahead for domestic flights and 2 for international, I wanted to get there really early in hopes of increasing my chances for getting an exit row seat so I showed up 3 hours early (which conicidentally is what the airline's website said..."arrive no later than 3 hours before departure")...only to find 3/4 of the passengers were already there waiting inline at the ticketing counter. Took about an hour to get through that line and then the flight was delayed another 2 hours but somehow, I got my exit row seat! While it was clearly an economy airline with seats about 13" wide, this might be the most leg room I have ever had on a flight. I stretched my legs out in front of me all the way and still was a foot away from the wall. At one point I even folded out the stewardess seat on the wall and used it as a great footrest - until I was asked not to. The view of the alps as we flew over was incredible....i would have taken some pictures but alas I was wedged into the 13" seat and my camera was in the overhead.

Got the the airport in bologna, showed someone my passport picked up my bag and I was on my way. I had heard there was a bus from the airport to the train station (which my hotel is near) so I just needed to find the bus to the train station....when it occurred to me...on the list of italian words I do not know are....bus and train. Nevertheless its amazing what hordes of dumb americans can figure out when left to their own devices in a foreign land and before i knew it, i was on the bus.

The hotel is nice. I imagine the guy at the front desk is writing about me on his own blog as I type this to mine. Among my questions I had to revisit the desk to ask him: "How do I use the phone?" and "The electricity in my room doesnt work.". So the phone question isnt THAT dumb but honestly, I couldnt get a light switch to work without help....this should be a great trip. (By the way, for future reference, there is a slot in the room you have to put your card key in to activate the lights on your do not...I repeat NOT...need to find the hidden panel of circuit breakers behind a mirror on the wall and start flipping switches at random)...
So I am aware that europe has this thing with space and everything having to take up as little as possible but the elevator was a bit much...I got in there, just me, my backpack, and my 2 big bags and i was in contact with all 4 walls the floor (and almost the ceiling!). One bag was smooshed against the back wall, the other against the door, my bagpack against another wall and my face was about 3 inches from the 4th. I would love to share a picture with you all but sadly once again my ginormousness made getting to my camera a near impossibility.

Dinner was awesome. Hopefully I will get better at this dining-out-in-europe thing but as of right now my experience from Amsterdam seems to be continuing where I either find myself eating total crap from a crapshack on the side of the road (and I love good crap shacks but these are seriously just crap) or im in a fancy restaurant paying way more than I ever would if there was a dollar sign on the menu instead of a euro sign.. I can never seem to find a nice place in the middle with reasonable prices and good food. Tonight the latter was the case and I wound up in a restaurant where by the time I realized how fancy it was it was too late to leave or even change out of my pats t-shirt and sox cap. woops. I THINK i may have paid 7.50 euro (like 10 bucks) for like an 8 oz bottle of coke and I dont think I want to know how much i paid for the bottle of water they put on my table. I got the cold cut antipasti thing because its supposed ot be awesome in bologna - and it was. It consisted of Salami, Prosciutto, Mortadella, and some AWESOME 4th meat that wasnt really a deli meat persay. I would tell you what it was but as soon as he finished saying the name of it for the 3rd time I forgot what he said. I then had some tortellinis soup - the tortellinis were AWESOME...stuffed with some kind of crazy cheese - and some pasta with meat sauce. Take note, in Bologna, hen they say meat sauce they mean meat sauce, not meaty sauce, or sauce with meat. It was like all kinds of seasoned meats with something wet drizzled over it.

So that about covers it for tonight. Honestly I wasnt going to make a post so soon, but I needed to get online to try to find a place to stay tomorrow night (woops) and since I am pretty sure I shelled out the equivalent of like 30 bucks for the privilege of using their internet for 1 night I decided to get my money's worth.
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photo by: travelfan1963