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Sangedatsu Gate.

Today was my first "romp through the park" i suppose, the first day i actually went out on my own and wandered the streets, half blind, half excited, and half drunk from the starry void.

On my way to Tokyo Tower, i stopped at the Zojoji Temple, the Great Main Temple of the Chinzai sect of Shingon Buddhism.  This temple served as the personal temple of the Tokugawa family until the end of the shogunate.  Surounding the grounds, are hundreads of Jizo statues, the patron saint of roadside travellers and children (particularly children who have died before their parents).  Jizo's can be seen  everywhere in Japan, and offer a pleasant spectacle to a moody subject.  You will often see Jizos with colored hats and bibs, and pinwheels, offered by parents whom have lost their children, taking care of the Jizo as though it were their own child.

Hundreds of Jizo statues line the perimeter of the complex.

Tokyo Tower offers a nice view of the surrounding area, best viewed during tha day, although the lines are long and you will end up standing in the elevator line to go down most of the time you are up there hahaha.  You can pay a little extra to go up to the tippy top of the tower (i reccomend this).  Though it is fairly cramped, it offers a bit of an intimate view.  You will also stand in the "down" line for a while here.  Take plenty of CASH!  The omiyage stands do not take credit cards.  Of particular note are the round tins of Hello Kitty cookies with the pictures of almost every notable location in Japan.  Get one for each place you will go or plan to go.  Most likely if you plan to go to a particular place, they will sell those tins there.

Zojoji from the top of Tokyo Tower.

Maid cafes...where do i begin.  Let me just say that although my review of the Merry Heart seems a bit underwhelmed, as i ventured out and patroned more and more cafes, the Merry Heart grew to be my favorite cafe in all of Japan hahaha, you can quote me on that one.  You will get the most out of a Maide Cafe experiance if you need a place to take off your heels for an hour and refresh yourself with some small fare and drinks.  Melon soda (or a float with a scoop of ice cream) is industry standard, and i would highly reccomend it to any first timers.  It is green in Japan, and not green outside of Japan ... sadly.  Maid Bars (such as the Merry Heart) offer alchohol as well, woowhoo!  The day i went, they had a film crew in there doing a special segment on the place.

Mt Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi.
  Bonus!  Check out

Journal entry:


1  Get Climbing Mt Fuji from T.I.C
2  Mt. Fusji Weather Station on thwe Swis actual summit
3  Kei’s House (brand new hostel)
4  H20
5  snacks
6  insta-food. cans
7  Sinjuku bus termainal ---> Kawaguchi-ko 5th station 2600Y
8  Sengen-jinja Shrine @ Fuji0Yoshida
9  from Fuji-Yoshida station ---> Fuji-Yoshida Mae (bus)
10 Kawaguchi-ko (05 5572 1431)
11 Fuji Sai-ko (05 5582 2616)
12 Fuji-Yoshida (05 5522 0533)
13 Kawaguchi station ---> Yusu hosteru mae (Saiko Minshaku)
14 Narusawa Wind Cave
15 Fugaku Cave
16 Aokigahara
17 Fuji-fuketsu Cave

[this was a short list of things on my list of Things to Do, mostly containing plans for a Mt Fuji assent]


- Tokyo Tower:  - Alfred would absolutely love the welding work along the RF ---> Observation Deck stair climb.

Merry Heart Logo.

-  Lunch:  Hamburger Curry Rice + Soba + 1/2 Egg


Whimsical Maid would never think of ever ordering one in one's lifetime...nor to get one served by a goth-lo japanese.  Strange place...

-  its like the modern class of entertainment for the modern new-class-to-be-entertained.  except everyone is having fun being the predator.  and the prey.

- just tasted the cake...whisical its not...still a perfect way to end a busy day...

- i like that.  ordered stright gin shaken with ice, and they said, "no" ... got control of things here.

- TV people just walked in to film the place.  i guess its really new, must be friends w/some1.  good kinda friends to have i guess.

- nothing but the best (to the best of the ability i suppose)

- no waving, no taking pictures, i guess i can sip on my Delorean (gin drink), i suppose its not a "bar" in the sense, nor a cafe, but a bridge bewtween my fantasy and their's.

Merry Heart Uniform.

- nice set-up...filming right next to Big now:  ""  cameras are rolling...that means ill have to wait for my drink...speaking of which, here it is...not bad.  sweet gin...who would have thought of something so evil:  i could sit here sipping on them [all] night...time for me to put on my performance:  my interpretation of a rock in the middle of a river...whuush...

- ah, they are having "special people" here for their event.  good thing they arent charging me for this...Sunday special onry.

- not quite the same as sipping out of a glass.  plastic martini glass kinda takes the experiance down a few notches.  still, the only thing with any substance here is the service, and the intent.

A few of my favorite things...
  i like it...i shall continue to check it out for a while longer...see wad its like during the week...somehow this is really reminding me of Chiyo-chan's cafe...too kawaii.  /ureshi...gotta find Bardack.

- qeue is filled up...time for my exit...

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Sangedatsu Gate.
Sangedatsu Gate.
Hundreds of Jizo statues line the …
Hundreds of Jizo statues line the…
Zojoji from the top of Tokyo Tower.
Zojoji from the top of Tokyo Tower.
Mt Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi.
Mt Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi.
Merry Heart Logo.
Merry Heart Logo.
Merry Heart Uniform.
Merry Heart Uniform.
A few of my favorite things...
A few of my favorite things...
photo by: maka77