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Journal Entry:

2007.06.26 [somewhere over the Pacific Ocean]

Date: unknown  Time: unknown  Location: somewhere over the Pacific OPcean, 9800 meters in the air

Hello, my name is caffeine.  My name is airplane.  My name is purple socks.  I smell like hazelnuts.  I taste my consciousness on my lips, which have the shape of her mouth.  Hello.  My name is Paris.


Just walked into a lavatory door.  I had forgotten...just before that, a bright young girl offered me a piece of maple candy.  She asked, "Do you want it?"  All i could come up with was, "I don't know, i don't like maple flavor."  You don't have to eat it," she continued to offer.  "No, no.  I think i'll eat it," i said.  "I've forgotten why i dont like it.  Im curious."  Hello.  My name is maple candy.

Dillan from MASS.ACHUSETTS:  Superman T-Shirt, Rainbow Wristband


scene:  its nighttime...boy is walking down the sidewalk; its lined with trees that billow in the night breeze.  The leaves are brilliant shades of red, orange, with a small spattering of yellow.  The air seems refreshing when it blows by, but when it stops, its apparent that the air is hot and humid...and it returns slowly, like a stone heating up.

As the boy nears the crosswalk to corss the sctreet, screeching tires can be heard faintly in the distance.  Across the street is a giant park, so there are more trees and vegetation blowing on the other side.  The whole scene has an off-yellowish tint to it, from the street lighting. [any camera pan, always pans clockwise from the center of the crosswalk.  can zoom in and out as it pleases]

The wind starts to blow in short spurts, a few seconds at a time, instead of a long steady breeze, like the night trees breathing, or blowing out small huffs, like a small child would blow in a pinwheel.

As the boy approaches the crosswalk, the camera pans behind him, looking across the street.  Camera cuts to the edge of the sidewalk, at knee level, looking across to the other side:  the crosswalk straight ahead into the darkness, the street is perfectly perpendicular, running left to right.  Four feet from the edge of the street, the "walk light" turns red...

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photo by: ellechic