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The entrance gate.

Journal Entry:


[@ Ro Anji Zen Garden in Kyoto]

- whats the answer?

     - whats the question? [my answer to my previous question hahaha]

- Only in a logical system, one can not prove by example...only a non-logical system allows one to prove by example...on the other hand, only in a non-logical system can one prove:  that purple equals seven.

- i had thought begining here [for the day] would clear my mind, but instead, it is more clouded than before i sat down.  the garden has stirred up images, feelings, people, shadows...that i have not thought about in a long time.  perhaps, the mire of my mind simply needed a peaceful place to surface.  Ironic that the surface of the garden is placid & serene.

The garden...
..and my own mind is do muddy and clouded.  Its like getting a lobotomy to find out whether you were crazy to begin with.

- a foot in front of my face is a sheet of rain.  I feel like im sitting at an aquarium, staring off into space.  or perhaps, its all just the reflection of myself off of it, that i see.

- im still inside my boat, the scenery is still going far ive come so actually surprised.  since getting on that plane in LA, a lot of dominos have fallen til now; how many more will fall til im back on US soil, did i ever left?  did i ever leave?  i suppose the rock garden would say otherwise:  that i have left, and that i am a long way from home, or am i simply one step closer?  i was expecting a typhoon, instead i get a constant drizzling.
  [the typhoon would hit tomorrow]

- i didnt even really notice, but ive scooted down to the middle of the garden by now.  the open area in the ground actually gives me room to stretch my legs, stretch my thoughts, breath a little.

- they were all already there, the rocks.  whether you open your eyes or close them.  they are, the alpha and omega, they are, thighs and drumsticks, they are, some rocks in a garden.

- And there are, hundreds of people all around me, sitting, kneeling, standing, looking, scratching, contemplating...we are all looking at the same garden, though from all sorts of different places, from all sorts of different angles.

     - each thought, each person, perhaps, about as many, abundant, and temporal, as each droplet of rain coming down.

The human rocks...

- the unknown...does it make us more curious?  or simply give us something to fixate our curiousity upon?

- i told a couple of brittish girls (Amy & ???) that although each crossroad in life is a decision to be made: left or right?  A or B?...does it even matter which you choose?  one spoke, "if you believe that each decision leadds to another crossraod, dependant upon the last decision, then i must believe in fate.  i told her i did not.  i said, "does it matter which way you go around a circle?  Right or left?  you eventually end up at yet another crossroad, and another decision. ---> perhaps the SAME crossroad, the same decision, simply from a different point of view.  from a different point from the last decision, heading for a different vector leading to the next dicision, a revolving door.  a kaleidoscope.  a reflection off a simgle ripple on the surface.

- maybe you make it.  maybe you dont.  either way, you step through the door, and you know...  dissatisfaction or dissappointment?  two different outcomes, leading from the same corndog.

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The entrance gate.
The entrance gate.
The garden...
The garden...
The human rocks...
The human rocks...
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