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Front gate to Todaiji.

Journal Entry:


Just walked out of Todaiji, walking up a pathway, beneath a canopy of japanese maples, and i get this intense need to write.  Not since i left Tokyo have i written something; really this  is the first pause i have had in days.  Cicadas are going strong, blanketing the auditory environment, coming from all directions.  Although rain comes down in small snipplets, the heat is on, and mixed with the constant barrage of cicadas, drives one's mind completely haywire.  The sound eminates from all directions, and in all directions one's mind seems to spin.  The occasional crow caw adds the bass line, and the local birds and insects the woodwinds, til a Nara forest symphony hums at a pitch all around, serenading the late morning light...the soundtrack for two weary feet, wandering into obscurity perhaps.  wandering into doom perhaps.  wandering into heaven maybe.  wandering, wandering back and forth into the eddies of my own consciousness, definitely.

And so my feet, weary of the world behind them, wander this way and that way, into the cobwebs of maples, of cicadas, of divine messengers...and i follow, steadily along.  wondering where they'll take me next.  All grasp at agency gone, i get lost within myself some more.  hope we wander into some lunch hungry.

- for Orville @ Nara, @ the VIVRE department store, south of the Kintetsu station, walked by at 6:00pm, and heard a song: Alezee.

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Front gate to Todaiji.
Front gate to Todaiji.
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