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Aoki ga Hara -

The canopy of trees here pretty much covers up the sky, with small pinholes and pockets of sky opening up as the leaves sway in the constant breeze of the forrest.  There isnt so much a ground to walk on, than it is a valley of small boulders that have been covered up by 400 years of dead trees.  Its hard to walk as there are holes everywhere and one never knows if one's next step will give way to dead wood into another hole.  As i sat on the ground for a few minutes, i suddenly realized that 99% of the forrest floor was alive, crawling with activity.  Ants, beetles, spiders, and an assortment of bugs and insects make the ground come alive, moving like ripples on a lake.

For the Night, i found a tree on the top of a boulder mound, put my back against the tree, covered myself with a wool blanket, and hung on for dear life.  As the sun set, the rich and vivrant colors of the lush green forrest slowly dulled, and died into a malais of grey, and then finally into pitch black.  I spent the entire night sweating in my boots so to speak, trying my hardest not to lose consciousness, waking up in a blind panic everytime that i did fall asleep.  At 3:00am, a crow (i think) began to scream just 10 feet away from me, and didnt stop for a few minutes...quite a rude awakening.  I didnt know whether to panic or not, because if the crow was just squawking in the night, then no problem.  But if something was killing the crow, then maybe i'd have a BIG problem hahaha.  But i woke up quite alive in the morning, and ran as fast as  i could out of the forrest, hahaha.

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photo by: Biglush_23