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09:56am [Akihabara: Yushima Tenmangu Shrine]

a time out of place.  a time out of time.  a place out of time.  as one stands still, time stops at one's feet, but the world continues to evolve all around.  Time can be said to be, the distance from one;s center, from one;s core, from one;s heart.  i wonder if the trees notice.  i wonder if the sky does.  i wonder if they care? hahahahahaha

- a weekday is not a good day to go to Akiba, neither is the morning for that matter...

- the outside world, is not always what it seems, each steo forwards, as you venture out, brings you closer to the center.  each steo forwards, makes the world more familiar, one step at a time...

- will wonders never cease:  Freshness Burger.  Bacon Omelet Burger 200Y + Cranberry Soda 300Y (playing overhead:  "...this magic different and so new, when your hands are touching mine...unlike any other)

- Chiyoda-ku:  Masakado-zuka (Masakado Tomb) great Kanto earthquake 1923 [personal note to myself, i happened to spot this on the map]

- the ritual of exchanging travellers checks seems as valid a cultural and spiritual mus tprovide proof of existence, be sponcored or verified by a patron nation, prove intent to spend money in the country, all whilst maintaining all appropriate social protocols.

In short, like a magic act, it takes much speaking of magic words, waving of one's hands and arms, goodwill to pull rabbits from your hat, and an anthill of small ladies clopping about to turn dollars into yen.

- today's exchange, is brought by M.U.F.J.


early evening is my best guess [Roppongi Hills: City View]


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photo by: maka77