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Locked my doors.  Set my heels.  And swallowed my heart...second star on the left, and on til morning!  I must apologize ahead for the journal entry for this day.  I hadnt slept for the two days preceeding my flight out...

Journal Entry:


07:50am [SFO] - God.  Sleepy as hell.  Plane doesnt go out til 09:46 and im nodding off hardcore.  Guess i miscaculated by a few hours...ill live i suppose...Japan better hurry the hell up.

08:25am [SFO] - My chest is on fire.  My eyes are out of focus.  My mind delerious at best.  A wonderful start to a wonderful trip.  Just hope i make it alive to least to LA.  Sleep-Depo already...

Looking out of another giant window.  This sky (view) outside looks familiar, though the reflection in the window does not.  The tranformation has already begun.  Soon i will be unconscious...and my spirit will already be in Japan.  My Japan.  A possible Japan.  Oblivion.  Salvation...home.

Soon, the next gate will take me down the ramp, across the runway, and up to the eternal skies.  One of the animals loose to wander the world.  Free of his tether.  Hungry for blood.  Thirsty for a soul.  Blind to all reservations.  Spiritually neutral.  Morally void...Perfect.  A spirit without a body.  A body without a mind.  A mind without a care.  And an insatiable yearning for more.

PrissyT says:
i love your writing! I really love your last paragraph here. It's great!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
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