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bus ride today from Venice to Florence

stopped to see the leaning tower of pisa around lunch time, not quite as impressive as I thought it would be, but still fantastic, got some nice pictures of it, but didnt bother doing any funny ones holding it up or pushing it over, just couldnt be bothered at that point, and was hungry for some lunch.  went into a fancy restaurant with a couple of the girls, very cut waiter, lovely smile quite attentive

got to lovely hotel at 5ish and made the mistake of carrying my luggage up all 4 flights, kept tripping up on my long silk skirt and luggage very heavy, wish i had packed lighter, must buy smaller souveniers

dinner very average-not impressed, mine took ages to come-think they forgot me, then was only very small omlette, hated the bar we went too, just a small cramped dark underground room, made the mistake of drinking 4 cocktails in less than 1 hr, (thought I had ordered shooters, but big cocktails came), but at least was not drinking 27 euro jugs of cocktails like many others, feeling claustrophobic, so left early-great just to get out of there.

10 may

a full day in florence

spent a full day in florence starting with a leather demonstration and then a walking tour of the city with a lovely local guide, saw the copy of David and some real statues, saw the pont de vechio got some nice photos, will put up soon

got some alone time, wandered around florence on my own and because of it managed to have the best lunch ever, even took a photo of it had slices of boiled potato with slices of tomato green beans and the most perfectly cooked enormous peices of octuopus drizzled in olive oil and vinegar, and it was quite cheap as it was self service, like a cafeteria

i bought a cute pinocchio puppet as this is where he is from (i think)

also splurged on a beautiful new leather handbag after looking at lots and comparing prices, ended up back at the first shop i went into. got the one that you can wear as a handbag or backpack or across my front to protect a bit more against pickpockets

another fantastic optional dinner-well worth the money, the waiters were dressed up as monks and were very charming and entertaining, free cocktail on arrival and free flowing red and white wine.  we had a man play the piano and sing and an opera singer, and we even had the chance to get up and dance to a couple of songs, lots of fun.  There was also an accordian player who even played hava nagilla for the tour bus from Israel, they got up and danced and it was really fun.  the food was great, a buffet saled for entree, forowwed by pasta-special rice pasta for me (very thoughtful of them), followed by beef salad and roast potoatoes, and apple for dessert.

Decided at the last minute to go to the disco and had lots of fun dancing with some cute young italian men, but chose to stick with people from my group, there was even a kind of fashion parade on the top floor of the disco, it was very odd, but interesting to watch-then taxied back to the hotel-very fun night. 

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photo by: spocklogic