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We decided to get out of Vienna one day and took a day trip across the border to (dum dum dum) Bratislava!

Here it is: Bratislava, capital of Slovakia... Hey, here's an interesting fact...!

Bratislava is an incredible city, because you can see so clearly the influence history has had on it. One part of town is Old Europe at it's finest, surrounded by this very sort of run-down Eastern European city beginning to modernize itself, while just across the river is the most bizarre site of uniform Communist-era skyrises I've ever seen.

And the one thing to be aware of when visiting Bratislava is that LET'S GO TRAVEL GUIDES LIE! haha.
Our guidebook told us to take Tram No. 2 from the station six stops into town to get to the historical centre. Ok, well once we actually figured out how to buy tickets and get on Tram No. 2, it dropped us off in the ghetto of downtown dirty Bratislava. No where near the Historical Centre. It was just like that scene out of EuroTrip. Lauren was, of course, freaking out and chain smoking, so I tried my best to seem confident about it, and walked us in a direction that looked somewhat safe, and luckily we eventually found a sign pointing towards the Historical Centre, and a bit later on we found a very nice Slovakian magazine vendor who didn't speak a word of English, but did his best to hand-gesture us in the right direction. Eventually we did make it where we wanted to be, and celebrated with a a very large pint at the nearest pub.

Pictures tell a better story about Bratislava than I could, so just see them.
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Bratislava Castle looking out over…
Bratislava Castle looking out ove…
We embrace the creepiness of town …
We embrace the creepiness of town…
Train Station, Bratislava.
Train Station, Bratislava.
Greatest. Thing. Ever.
Greatest. Thing. Ever.
photo by: Vagabondatheart